Release notes for SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) 2017 and later

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This article describes changes in SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), for versions 2017 and later.

For the release notes for Report Viewer controls, see Release Notes for the Report Viewer controls for WebForms and WinForms of SSRS.

14.0.600.1109, 2019/02/12

Fixed issue Details
Cache report snapshot schedules changes to "Report-specific schedule" after modifying subscription.  
rc:Toolbar=false is not working in Express edition.  
Certain Thai characters render incorrectly when exporting paginated reports to PDF.  
Deadlock during notification of completed data-driven subscriptions.  
Embedded images are not displayed in certain circumstances when the rc:Toolbar=False parameter used.  
Unable to create data driven subscriptions for reports that use cascading parameters.  
Unable to edit subscriptions that are configured with an invalid interval.  
Security updates.  
Linked reports UI is not showing.  
Certain paginated reports with nested tablix controls have incorrect fonts.  
Whitespace is incorrectly added to certain paginated reports that contain tablix data regions.  
Header rows disappear when expanding the simple data grids of a mobile report.  

14.0.600.906, 2018/09/12

The following issue has been fixed:

Fixed issue Details
Custom Authentication is not returning correct cookie information.  

14.0.600.892, 2018/08/31

Fixed issue Details
Textbox inside Rectangle causes the rectangle to not grow vertically when rc:Toolbar=False and it has long text.  
Text size is not scaling if pageHeight is less than 0.5 inches.  
Deadlock occurs in the SSRS catalog database when it is used with CRM.  
Vertically aligned column headers displayed incorrectly when scrolling down in report.  
Users added to SCOM Reporting Role have access blocked to SSRS web portal.  
Thai character is not exported correctly into the PDF.  
Browser Role Behavior Change.  
rc:Toolbar=false does not work in Express edition.  
Missing the vertical scrollbar in the parameter prompt area.  
Updated Mobile Report Runtime.  

14.0.600.744, 2018/04/25

Fixed issue Details
Data Driven Subscription page does not show the Delivery Option once it is created.  
Upgrading SSRS 2012 to SSRS 2017 results in RSManagement throwing an exception every few seconds.  
Cannot change defaults values for multi-value parameters in IE11.  
Schedules are empty whenever shared schedule is executed.  

14.0.600.689, 2018/02/28

Fixed issue Details
Report Parameter visibility in a linked report is reverted after editing its properties.  
URL Parameter rc:Toolbar=false does not work in Express edition.  
Having expressions in a Textbox with the CanGrow property set to false results in values not displaying.  
Added Learn more link for product key in setup.  
Web portal with custom forms authentication ignores sliding expiration cookie.  
Export to Word creates unequal row height if row content is empty.  

14.0.600.594, 2018/01/09

Some security updates were implemented.

14.0.600.490, 2017/11/01

Resolved the issues with SKU upgrade.

14.0.600.451, 2017/09/30

Initial release.

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