New User Role (Management Studio)

Use this page to create an item-level role definition. An item-level role definition is a named collection of tasks that enumerate the tasks a user can perform in relation to folders, reports, models, resources, and shared data sources. An example of an item-level role definition is the predefined Browser role that identifies the kinds of actions a report end user might require for navigating folders and viewing reports.

Role definitions are intended to be few in number. Most organizations only require a few role definitions. However, if the predefined role definitions are insufficient, you can vary them or create new ones.


Role definitions are used only on a report server that runs in native mode. If the report server is configured for SharePoint integration, this page is not available.


Type the name of the role definition. A role definition name must be unique within the report server namespace. A name must contain at least one alphanumeric character. It can also include spaces and some symbols. Do not use the following characters when specifying a name:

; ? : @ & = + , $ / * < >

" /

Type a description that explains how to use the role and enumerates what the role supports.

Select the tasks that can be performed through this role. You cannot create new tasks or modify the existing tasks that are supported by Reporting Services. Only item-level tasks can be used in an item-level role definition.

Task Description
Shows a description of the task that enumerates the operations or permissions that the task supports.

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