Reporting Services in SQL Server Management Studio (SSRS)

Report server administrators can use SQL Server Management Studio to:

  • Enable features, set server defaults, and manage running jobs.

  • View and create custom reports. In Object Explorer, many nodes display a set of standard reports that are installed with Management Studio. You must have administrator permissions. The schema of a custom report must match the schema of the installed reports. For more information, see Custom Reports in Management Studio and Find the Report Definition Schema Version (SSRS).

Report authors can use Management Studio to:

  • Visualize spatial data from a query result set for a map report. After you run the query, use the Spatial results tab in the result set pane. For more information, see View Spatial Data in Object Explorer.

This section contains step-by-step instructions for performing various reporting tasks using Management Studio. Creating and managing shared schedules can also be performed using Report Manager.

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