Identify databases and tables for Stretch Database with Data Migration Assistant

Applies to: yesSQL Server 2016 (13.x) and later - Windows only

To identify databases and tables that are candidates for Stretch Database, along with potential blocking issues, download and run Microsoft Data Migration Assistant.

Get Data Migration Assistant

Download and install Data Migration Assistant from here. This tool is not included on the SQL Server installation media.

Run Data Migration Assistant

  1. Run Microsoft Data Migration Assistant.

  2. Create a new project of type Assessment and give it a name.

  3. Select SQL Server as both the Source server type and the Target server type.

  4. Select Create.

  5. On the Options page (step 1), select New features recommendation. Optionally, clear the selection for Compatibility issues.

  6. On the Select sources page (step 2), connect to a server, select a database, and then select Add.

  7. Select Start Assessment.

Review the results

  1. When the analysis is finished, on the Review results page (step 3), select the Feature recommendations option, and then select the Storage tab.

  2. Review the recommendations related to Stretch Database. Each recommendation lists the tables for which Stretch Database may be appropriate, along with any potential blocking issues.

Historical note

Stretch Database Advisor was previously a component of SQL Server 2016 Upgrade Advisor. At that time, you had to select and run Stretch Database Advisor as a separate action.

With the release of Data Migration Assistant, which replaces and extends Upgrade Advisor, the functionality of Stretch Database Advisor is incorporated into this new tool. You don't have to select any options to get recommendations related to Stretch Database. When you run an Assessment in Data Migration Assistant, the results related to Stretch Database appear on the Storage tab of the Feature recommendations.

Next step

Enable Stretch Database.

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