Alert Properties - New Alert (General Page)

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On Azure SQL Database Managed Instance, most, but not all SQL Server Agent features are currently supported. See Azure SQL Database Managed Instance T-SQL differences from SQL Server for details.

Use this page to view and modify the general properties of Microsoft SQL Server Agent alerts.


Change the name of the alert.

Enable the alert. When the alert is not enabled, the actions specified in the alert do not occur.

Select the type of alert:

  • SQL Server event alert responds to messages in the Microsoft Windows event log.

  • SQL Server performance condition alert responds to a specific condition in a performance counter.

  • WMI event alert responds to a Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) event.

SQL Server Event Alert Options

Database name
Specify a database for the event, or all databases to respond to a message regardless of the database where the event occurs.

Error number
Specify that this event responds to an error, and specify the error number.

Specify that this event responds to any message with a specific severity level, and specify the severity level.

Raise alert when message contains
Filter events by a specific string. When this option is selected, the alert only responds to events that contain a specific string.

Message text
Specify the string to use to filter events.

SQL Server Performance Condition Alerts

Specify the performance object to monitor.

Specify the counter within the performance object to monitor.

Specify the instance of the counter to monitor.

Alert if counter
Specify the behavior of the counter that the alert responds to. For example, you may want the alert to respond to a condition where the value of the Free space in tempdb (KB) counter falls below a certain value, or you may want the alert to respond to a condition where the SQL Compilations/sec rises above a certain value.

Specify a value for the counter.

WMI Event Alert Options

Specify the namespace to use for the WMI Query Language (WQL) statement. Only namespaces on the computer that runs SQL Server Agent are supported.

Specify the WQL statement that identifies the event that the alert responds to.

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