Options (SQL Server Object Explorer - Commands)

When you right-click a table or view in Object Explorer, the following two options for displaying rows in the table are presented:

  • Select Top 1000 Rows

    Creates a script in the Query Editor that selects the top 1000 rows.

  • Edit Top 200 Rows

    Opens the table in the Visual Database Tools with 200 rows populated.

Use the General Scripting Options dialog box to change the number of rows that will be opened.

General Scripting Options

Value for Select Top Audit record command
Specifies the number of audit rows to return. The default is 1000 rows

Value for Edit Top Rows command
Specifies the number of rows to return when you are editing rows in a table. The default is 200 rows.

Value for Select Top Rows command
Specifies the number of rows to be returned that is specified in the Query Editor script that is created. The default is 1000 rows.

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