Register a Connected Server (SQL Server Management Studio)

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This topic describes how to register a connected server in SQL Server 2017 by using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). By registering the server, you can save the connection information for servers that you access frequently. A server can be registered before connecting, or at the time of connection from Object Explorer. You can view your registered servers in SSMS by navigating to View\Registered Servers from the menu.

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Using SQL Server Management Studio

To register a connected server

In Object Explorer, right-click a server to which you already are connected, and then click Register.

Server name
This field defaults to the server name you connected to. Optionally, you can type a server name or choose one from the drop-down list.

Two authentication modes are available when connecting to an instance of SQL Server.

  • Windows Authentication
    Windows Authentication mode allows a user to connect through a Microsoft Windows user account.

  • SQL Server Authentication
    When a user connects with a specified login name and password from a nontrusted connection, SQL Server performs the authentication itself by checking whether a SQL Server login account has been set up and whether the specified password matches the one previously recorded. If SQL Server does not have a login account set, authentication fails, and the user receives an error message.


    When possible, use Windows Authentication. For more information, see Choose an Authentication Mode.

    • User name
      Shows the current user name you are connecting with. This read-only option is only available if you have selected to connect using Windows Authentication. To change User names, log in to the computer as a different user.

    • Login
      Enter the login to connect with. This option is available only if you have selected to connect using SQL Server Authentication.

    • Password
      Enter the password for the login. This option can be edited only if you have selected to connect by using SQL Server Authentication.

    • Remember password
      Select to have SQL Server encrypt and store the password you have entered. This option is displayed only if you have selected to connect using SQL Server Authentication.


      If you have stored the password and want to stop storing it, clear this check box, and then click Save.

Registered server name
The name you want to appear in Registered Servers. This name does not have to match the Server name box.

Registered server description
Enter an optional description of the server.

Click to test the connection to the server selected in Server name.

Click to save the registered server settings.

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