Release notes for SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) 19 (Preview)

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This article provides details about updates, improvements, and bug fixes for the current and previous versions of SSMS.


In December 2021, releases of SSMS prior to 18.6 will no longer authenticate to Database Engines through Azure Active Directory with MFA. To continue utilizing Azure Active Directory authentication with MFA, you need SSMS 18.6 or later.

Connectivity to Azure Analysis Services through Azure Active Directory with MFA requires SSMS 18.5.1 or later.

Current SSMS release

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SSMS 19 Preview 2 is the latest preview release of SSMS. If you need a previous version of SSMS, see previous SSMS releases.


  • Release number: 19.0 Preview 2
  • Build number: 16.0.19056.0
  • Release date: May 24, 2022

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What's new in 19.0 Preview 2

New Item Details
Azure Data Studio installation integration Installation of SSMS installs Azure Data Studio 1.36.2.
Always Encrypted Added the ability to explicitly configure an attestation protocol in the “Connect To Server” dialog when using Always Encrypted with secure enclaves (column encryption).
Client Driver Changed to Microsoft.Data.SqlClient.
Contained Always On Availability Group Added support for Contained Always On Availability Groups.
Data Classification Improvements to Data Classification user interface.
Ledger Added support for Ledger feature Database ledger. For more information, visit What is the database ledger?.
Query Execution or Results Improved checks for open connections.
Query Tuning Advisor Updated user interface for improved accessibility.
Showplan The showplan XML schema has been updated.

Bug fixes in 19.0 Preview 2


Fixes from SSMS 18.11.1 and the next SSMS release are included in SSMS 19.0 Preview 2.

New Item Details
Availability Group Dashboard Fixed the issue when connecting to the Availability Group Dashboard for an AG on SQL Server 2016, which resulted in "unknown property ClusterType" error.
Query Editor Fixed issue with audible notification occurring when closing a query window. See SSMS 18.11.1 Beeps When I Close a Query Window.

Known issues 19.0 Preview 2

New Item Details Workaround
Analysis Services Connection to Analysis Services isn't available. This will be available in a later preview, use SSMS 18.11.1 to connect to Analysis Services.
Azure SQL DB Limitation with MSAL caching, which may require reauthentication when signing into Azure. Reauthenticate if prompted.
Copy Database Wizard Copying a database generates a log provider type error Copy the database using an alternative method such as backup and restore to a new database.
Database Designer Clicking the Design option for a view that references a table using spatial data causes SSMS to crash. Use T-SQL to make changes to the view.
Ledger Importing a bacpac or dacpac created from a database with the LEDGER = ON option, into a new database on-premises, fails due to the LEDGER property not being set. Use backup and restore to create a new database on-premises with the LEDGER property enabled.
Maintenance Plan The Maintenance Plan node isn't available in Object Explorer. This will be available in a later preview, use SSMS 18.11.1 to view or edit Maintenance Plans.
SSMS Installer The original installation of Japanese SSMS was not fully localized and removed from the download page. This is fixed via an updated build, 16.0.19058.0, now available for download.
Storage Account Trying to delete a container from a storage account fails with a (400) Bad Request error. Use the Azure portal for container deletion.
Stretch DB Removed Stretch DB Wizard. Use T-SQL or an earlier version of SSMS (18.9.1 or below) to use the Stretch DB Wizard.

You can reference SQL Server user feedback for other known issues and to provide feedback to the product team.

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