Print Code and Results

Applies to: yesSQL Server (all supported versions) YesAzure SQL Database YesAzure SQL Managed Instance yesAzure Synapse Analytics yesAnalytics Platform System (PDW)

When you print a query or file, colorized elements print in color if your printer supports color printing and color printing is enabled in the printer setup.

However, the font and coloration of text in the Editor and the way that the text prints on the printer can differ. From the Tools menu, select Options. Under Environment, click Fonts and Colors, and then select fonts and colors for items to be displayed in the Editor and fonts and colors that take effect when printing. Because these settings can differ, the output might differ from what you see displayed in the Editor.

If you have line numbers enabled in the Editor, the line numbers will not print unless you select Include line numbers in the Print dialog box on the File menu.

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