SQL Server Management Studio - Changelog (SSMS)

SSMS 16.5.3 release

Generally available | Build number: 13.0.16106.4

The following issues were fixed this release:

  • Fixed an issue introduced in SSMS 16.5.2 which was causing the expansion of the 'Table' node when the table had more than one sparse column.

  • Users can deploy SSIS packages containing OData Connection Manager which connect to a Microsoft Dynamics AX/CRM Online resource to SSIS catalog. For more information, see OData Connection Manager.

  • Configuring Always Encrypted on an existing table fails with errors on unrelated objects. Connect ID 3103181

  • Configuring Always Encrypted for an existing database with multiple schemas doesn't work. Connect ID 3109591

  • The Always Encrypted, Encrypted Column wizard fails due to the database containing views that reference system views. Connect ID 3111925

  • When encrypting using Always Encrypted, errors from refreshing modules after encryption are incorrectly handled.

  • Open recent menu doesn't show recently saved files. Connect ID 3113288

  • SSMS is slow when right-clicking an index for a table (over a remote (Internet) connection). Connect ID 3114074

  • Fixed an issue with the SQL Designer scrollbar. Connect ID 3114856

  • Context menu for tables momentarily hangs

  • SSMS occasionally throws exceptions in Activity Monitor and crashes. Connect ID 697527

  • SSMS 2016 crashes with error "The process was terminated due to an internal error in the .NET Runtime at IP 71AF8579 (71AE0000) with exit code 80131506"

SSMS 16.5.1 release

Generally available | Build number: 13.0.16100.1

  • Fixed an issue where Invoke-Sqlcmd erroneously inserts multiple rows when check constraint occurs. Microsoft Connect Item: 811560

  • Fixed an issue where non-ENU language versions do not work completely when creating Availability Groups.

  • Fixed an issue where clicking query plan XML does not open the proper SSMS UI.

SSMS 16.5 release

Generally available | Build number: 13.0.16000.28

  • Fixed an issue where a crash could occur when a database with table name containing “;:” was clicked on.
  • Fixed an issue where changes made to the Model page in AS Tabular Database Properties window would script out the original definition. Microsoft Connect Item: 3080744
  • Fixed the issue that temporary files are added to the “Recent Files” list.
    Microsoft Connect Item: 2558789
  • Fixed the issue that “Manage Compression” menu item is disabled for the user table nodes in object explorer tree.
    Microsoft Connect Item: 3104616

  • Fixed the issue that user is not able to set the font size for object explorer, registered server explorer, template explorer as well as object explorer details. Font for the explorers will be using the Environment font.
    Microsoft Connect Item: 691432

  • Fixed the issue that SSMS always reconnect to the default database when connection is lost.
    Microsoft Connect Item: 3102337

  • Fixed many of high dpi issues in policy management and query editor window including the execution plan icons.

  • Fixed the issue that option to config font and color for Extended Event is missing.

  • Fixed the issue of SSMS crashes that occur when closing the application or when it is trying to show the error dialog.

SSMS 16.4.1 (September 2016) release

Generally available | Build number: 13.0.15900.1

SSMS 16.3 (August 2016) release

Generally available | Version number: 13.0.15700.28

SSMS July 2016 hotfix update release

Generally available | Version number: 13.0.15600.2

SSMS July 2016 release

Generally available | Version number: 13.0.15500.91

  • Edit, July 5th: Improved support for SQL Server 2016 (1200 compatibility level) tabular databases in the Analysis Services Process dialog and the Analysis Services deployment wizard.

  • Edit, July 5th: New option in SSMS 'query execution options' dialog to set 'XACT_ABORT'. This option is enabled by default in this release of SSMS and instructs SQL Server to rollback the entire transaction and abort the batch if a run-time error occurs.

  • Support for Azure SQL Data Warehouse in SSMS.

  • Significant updates to the SQL Server PowerShell module. This includes a new SQL PowerShell module and new CMDLETs for Always Encrypted, SQL Agent, and SQL Error Logs.

  • Support for PowerShell script generation in the Always Encrypted wizard.

  • Significantly improved connection times to Azure SQL databases.

  • New ‘Backup to URL’ dialog to support the creation of Azure storage credentials for SQL Server 2016 database backups. This provides a more streamlined experience for storing database backups in an Azure storage account.

  • New Restore dialog to streamline restoring a SQL Server 2016 database backup from the Microsoft Azure storage service.

  • Bug fix in SSMS query designer to allow adding tables to the designer if a user doesn’t have SELECT permissions on them.

  • Bug fix to add IntelliSense support for 'TRY_CAST()', and 'TRY_CONVERT()' functions.
    Linked customer bug requests:
    Microsoft Connect item #2453461.

  • Bug fix in PowerShell module to enable loading of ‘SQLAS’ Analysis Services extension.
    Linked customer bug requests:
    Microsoft Connect item #2544902.

  • Bug fix in the SSMS editor window to allow drag-and-drop open of Sql files.
    Linked customer bug requests:
    Microsoft Connect item #2690658.

  • Bug fix in Profiler to fix Profiler crash when exiting.
    Linked customer bug requests:
    Microsoft Connect item #2616550.
    Microsoft Connect item #2319968.

  • Bug fix in SSMS to prevent crash when trying to edit a join link in the SSMS table designer.
    Linked customer bug requests:
    Microsoft Connect item #2721052.

  • Bug fix in SSMS to enable database script generation for db_owner role members.
    Linked customer bug requests:
    Microsoft Connect item #2869241.

  • Bug fix in SSMS editor to remove the delay in closing a query tab if the server has gone offline.
    Linked customer bug requests:
    Microsoft Connect item #2656058.

  • Bug fix to enable Backup option in SQL Server Express databases.
    Linked customer bug requests:
    Microsoft Connect item #2801910.
    Microsoft Connect item #2874434.

  • Bug fix in Analysis Services to correctly show the Data Feed provider for multi-dimensional Analysis Services models.

SSMS June 2016 generally available release

Generally available | Version number: 13.0.15000.23

SSMS April 2016 Preview

Version number: 13.0.14000.36

  • Improvement in the SSMS installer to add human-readable error messages.

  • Improvement in the Stretch database wizard to add support for predicates.

  • Improvement in the AlwaysEncrypted Powershell commandlet to add key encryption APIs.

  • Bug fix to turn off IntelliSense in the SSMS toolbar if it has been disabled in the Tools,Options dialog.
    Linked customer bug requests:

  • Improvements and bug fixes in the Showplan comparison user interface to reduce the spacing used by long query plans.

  • Bug fixes in SSMS to fix issues that caused SSMS to crash when exiting.

  • Bug fixes in the Always Encrypted wizard to retain user permissions during encryption and to allow database detach operations after the wizard is complete.

  • Bug fix in Always Encrypted New Column Master Key dialog to provide feedback on attempt to generate a key using an unsupported Cryptographic Algorithm (CNG) provider.

SSMS March 2016 Preview Refresh

Version number: 13.0.13000.55

SSMS March 2016 Preview

Version number: 13.0.12500.29

SSMS February 2016 Preview

Version number: 13.0.12000.65

  • Improvement in Activity monitor to display text options when high contrast settings are enabled in SSMS.

  • Improvement in the Always Encrypted wizard dialog to display a warning if the collation for a column will be changed during the encryption process.

  • Improvement in policy management to add support for creating conditions on Column Encryption Keys, Column Encryption Key Values, and Column Master keys.

  • Bug fix to improve usability of Always Encrypted master key cleanup dialog and Always Encrypted error messages.

  • Bug fix to disable Always Encrypted column master key rotation if only one key exists.

  • Bug fix for 'type initializer' error that occurs if Always Encrypted dialog is launched using the SSMS January release or the SSMS release bundled with the SQL Server RC0 media.

SSMS January 2016 Preview

Version number: 13.0.11000.78

SSMS December 2015 Preview

Version number: 13.0.900.73

SSMS November 2015 Preview

Version number: 13.0.800.111

SSMS October 2015 Preview

Version number: 13.0.700.242

SSMS September 2015 Preview

Version number: 13.0.600.65

SSMS August 2015 Preview

Version number: 13.0.500.53

  • Object explorer updates to reduce loading delay when there are a large number of databases.

  • Improvements for installation of SSMS on Windows 10 machines.

  • Bug fixes and updates to SQL Server Configuration manager, and SSMS user reports user interface

SSMS July 2015 Preview

Version number: 13.0.400.91

  • Database diagrams for Azure SQL Database (V12).

  • Improved IntelliSense support for new temporal table syntax.

  • Updated DacFx library to support latest Azure SQL databases features including row-level security and Azure Active directory authentication.

  • Bug fixes (updated 'check for update' UI, UI fix in 'compatibility level' list and more).

SSMS June 2015 Preview

Version number: 13.0.300.44

  • New SSMS light-weight web installer.

  • Automatic check for updates.

  • SSMS now has full-text-search support for Azure SQL Database (V12).

  • Top customer requests addressed:

    • 'Edit Top 200 Rows' enabled for tables and views in Object Explorer.
    • Table designer enabled for Azure SQL Database (V12).
    • Database and table property dialogs enabled for Azure SQL Database (V12).

    • New option to skip prompt to save T-SQL files.

    • Import/Export wizard support for new Azure SQL Database service tiers (Basic, Standard, Premium).

    • Numerous bug fixes (scripting scenarios, enabling change tracking for SQL databases, and more).