Lesson 3-1 - Create Scripts Using Templates

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio provides a large number of script templates containing the Transact-SQL statements for many common tasks. These templates contain parameters for the user-provided values such as a table name. Using the parameters, you can type the name once and then automatically copy the name to all the necessary locations within the script. You can write your own custom templates to support the scripts that you write most often. You can also reorganize the template tree, moving templates or creating new folders to hold the templates. In the following practice, you will use a template to create a database, specifying collation template.

Using Templates

To create a script using a template

  1. In Management Studio, on the View menu, click Template Explorer.

  2. The templates in Template Explorer are organized into groups. Expand Database, and then double-click Create Database.

  3. In the Connect to Database Engine dialog box, complete the connection information and then click Connect. A new Query Editor window opens, containing the contents of the Create Database template.

  4. On the Query menu, click Specify Values for Template Parameters.

  5. In the Specify Values for Template Parameters dialog box, the Value column contains a suggested value for the Database_Name parameter. In the Database Name parameter box, type Marketing, and then click OK. Note how "Marketing" is inserted into the script in several locations.

Next Task in Lesson

Create Custom Templates