CREATE XML INDEX (Selective XML Indexes)

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Creates a new secondary selective XML index on a single path that is already indexed by an existing selective XML index. You can also create primary selective XML indexes. For information, see Create, Alter, and Drop Selective XML Indexes.

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CREATE XML INDEX index_name  
    ON <table_object> ( xml_column_name )  
    USING XML INDEX sxi_index_name  
    FOR ( <xquery_or_sql_values_path> )  
    [WITH ( <index_options> )]  

<table_object> ::=   
{ [database_name. [schema_name ] . | schema_name. ] table_name }  


<path_name> ::=   
character string literal  

<xmlnamespace_list> ::=   
<xmlnamespace_item> [, <xmlnamespace_list>]  

<xmlnamespace_item> ::=   
xmlnamespace_uri AS xmlnamespace_prefix  

<index_options> ::=   
  | PAD_INDEX  = { ON | OFF }  
  | FILLFACTOR = fillfactor  
  | SORT_IN_TEMPDB = { ON | OFF }  
  | DROP_EXISTING = { ON | OFF }  
  | ONLINE = OFF  
  | ALLOW_ROW_LOCKS = { ON | OFF }  
  | MAXDOP = max_degree_of_parallelism  


Is the name of the new index to create. Index names must be unique within a table, but do not have to be unique within a database. Index names must follow the rules of identifiers.

ON <table_object> Is the table that contains the XML column to index. You can use the following formats:

  • database_name.schema_name.table_name

  • database_name..table_name

  • schema_name.table_name

    Is the name of the XML column that contains the path to index.

    USING XML INDEX sxi_index_name
    Is the name of the existing selective XML index.

    FOR ( <xquery_or_sql_values_path> ) Is the name of the indexed path on which to create the secondary selective XML index. The path to index is the assigned name from the CREATE SELECTIVE XML INDEX statement. For more information, see CREATE SELECTIVE XML INDEX (Transact-SQL).

    WITH <index_options> For information about the index options, see CREATE XML INDEX.


There can be multiple secondary selective XML indexes on every XML column in the base table.

Limitations and Restrictions

A selective XML index on an XML column must exist before secondary selective XML indexes can be created on the column.



Requires ALTER permission on the table or view. User must be a member of the sysadmin fixed server role or the db_ddladmin and db_owner fixed database roles.


The following example creates a secondary selective XML index on the path pathabc. The path to index is the assigned name from the CREATE SELECTIVE XML INDEX (Transact-SQL).

CREATE XML INDEX filt_sxi_index_c  
ON Tbl(xmlcol)  
USING XML INDEX sxi_index  
FOR ( pathabc );  

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