Named Pipes Properties

Use the Protocolpage on the Named Pipes Properties dialog box to view or change the named pipe that Microsoft SQL Server listens to, when using the Named Pipes protocol.

SQL Server must be restarted to enable or disable the protocol, or change the named pipe.


Possible values are Yes and No.

Pipe Name
Specifies the named pipe on which SQL Server listens. By default, SQL Server listens on: \\.\pipe\sql\query for the default instance and \\.\pipe\MSSQL$<instancename>\sql\query for a named instance. This field is limited to 2047 characters.

Creating an Alternate Named Pipe

To change the named pipe, type the new pipe name in the Pipe Name box and then stop and restart SQL Server. Since sql\query is well known as the named pipe used by SQL Server, changing the pipe can help reduce the risk of attack by malicious programs.


Type \\.\pipe\unit\app to listen on the unit\app pipe.

Type \\.\pipe\acct to listen on the acct pipe.

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