TCP - IP Properties (Protocols Tab)

Use the TCP/IP Properties dialog box to configure the options for the TCP/IP protocol. Click TCP/IP in the left pane, to show individual IP address configurations in the details pane.

Microsoft SQL Server must be restarted before the changes take effect.


Possible values are Yes and No.

Keep Alive
Specify the interval (milliseconds) in which keep-alive packets are transmitted to verify that the computer at the remote end of a connection is still available.

Listen All
Specify whether SQL Server will listen on all the IP addresses that are bound to network cards on the computer. If set to No, configure each IP address separately using the properties dialog box for each IP address. If set to Yes, the settings of the IPAll properties box will apply to all IP addresses. Default value is Yes.

No Delay
SQL Server does not implement changes to this property.

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