DTAXML Element (DTA)

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The root element of a Database Engine Tuning Advisor XML input or output file, DTAXML contains all elements that describe tuning input and the tuning output that Database Engine Tuning Advisor generates.


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Element Attributes

Attribute Description
xmlns:xsi Required. Identifies the XML Schema Instance namespace. Attributes from this namespace are used to reference the schema that is used to validate the Database Engine Tuning Advisor XML file.

Required value: http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance
xmlns Required. Identifies the Database Engine Tuning Advisor namespace.

If you edit the Database Engine Tuning Advisor XML file using the XML editor in SQL Server Management Studio, this value is used by F1 Help and Dynamic Help to locate possible reference topics in SQL Server Books Online.

Required value:

Database Engine Tuning Advisor XML Schema Namespace

Element Characteristics

Characteristic Description
Data type and length None.
Default value None.
Occurrence Required once per DTA XML file.

Element Relationships

Relationship Elements
Parent element None
Child elements DTAInput Element (DTA)

DTAOutput Element (see Database Engine Tuning Advisor XML schema for information)


For more information about XML namespaces, see Namespaces in an XML Document in the Microsoft MSDN Library.


For examples of typical DTAXML elements, see XML Input File Samples (DTA).

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