Partitioning Element (DTA)

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Contains the partitioning scheme that you would like Database Engine Tuning Advisor to use during analysis.


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Element Characteristics

Characteristic Description
Data type and length string, no maximum length.
Allowed values NONE
No partitioning.

Full partitioning. (Enhances performance.)

Aligned partitioning only. (Enhances manageability.)

Use only one of these values with this element.

ALIGNED means that in the recommendation generated by Database Engine Tuning Advisor every proposed index is partitioned in exactly the same way as the underlying table for which the index is defined. Nonclustered indexes on an indexed view are aligned with the indexed view.
Default value NONE
Occurrence Required once for the TuningOptions element, unless the DropOnlyMode element is used. If DropOnlyMode is used, you cannot use Partitioning. These elements are mutually exclusive.

Element Relationships

Relationship Elements
Parent element TuningOptions Element (DTA)
Child elements None.


For a usage example of this element, see the Simple XML Input File Sample (DTA).

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