Banner Element (ssbdiagnose)

Identifies which utility generated the ssbdiagnose output XML file.


    version="..." />  

Element Attributes

Attribute Description
title Identifies the utility that generated the ssbdiagnose XML output file.
product Identifies the product that generated the ssbdiagnose XML output file.
version Identifies which version of the utility generated the XML output file.

Element Characteristics

Characteristic Description
Data type and length None.
Default value None.
Occurrence Occurs once per ssbdiagnose output XML file.

Element Relationships

Relationship Elements
Parent element DiagnosticInformation Element (ssbdiagnose)
Child elements None.


This is an example of a banner element.

<Banner title="Service Broker Diagnostics Utility" product="Microsoft SQL Server" version="10.0.1073.0" />  

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