Current features and upcoming roadmap for Microsoft Stream (on SharePoint)


The earlier version of Stream will now be known as Microsoft Stream (Classic) and the new version will be referred to as Microsoft Stream (on SharePoint) to clarify the differences in this article.

In this article, you'll learn what you can expect from Stream (built on SharePoint) today and understand what's coming next on the roadmap.

What is available on Stream (on SharePoint) today?

Many capabilities are already available today if you upload videos to SharePoint, Teams, Yammer, or OneDrive.

Getting back to videos

Video playback

  • Adaptive bitrate playback backed by CDN for any video file uploaded to SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, or Yammer

  • Ability to share, copy link, download, delete, and see version history of your video

  • Multi-speed play back for Teams meeting recordings

  • Noise suppression option to focus just on a speaker's voice without background noise or music

  • Play back support in the mobile apps for Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Yammer

  • Workaround to get embed code that works if the user is already logged into Microsoft 365


    This method is just a workaround for now. We are working to build a "Get embed code" button into videos in SharePoint. The embed code will do the sign-in flow if the user isn't logged in yet.

  • Workaround to manually create a link to start playing a video at a specific time code

    • Append this to end of a link to a video in SharePoint or OneDrive: &nav={"playbackOptions":{"startTimeInSeconds":60}}
    • Replace 60 with the number of seconds into the video you want the video to start playing at


    This method is just a workaround for now. We're working to add a "Share at time code" button for videos in SharePoint.

Video enhancements

Last updated June 28, 2022: The following capabilities are available to Worldwide (Standard multi-tenant) and should be available to GCC, GCC High, and DoD in the coming months.

  • Manually added chapters to make it easier for viewers to jump to the part they're interested in

    Video player for files in OneDrive & SharePoint with chapters.

  • Automatically generated transcript / closed caption in English or manually uploaded WebVTT closed caption in any language

    Video player for files in OneDrive & SharePoint with transcript.

  • Comments

    Video player for files in OneDrive & SharePoint with comments.

  • About video to set the title and rich text description including hyperlinks

    About video pane for files in OneDrive & SharePoint

  • Video settings to set a custom thumbnail (custom image or pick a frame from video) and enable or disable specific attributes of the video

    Media setttings for files in OneDrive & SharePoint


Analytics, security, and compliance

Video statistics graph showing views & visitors over time, viewer retention, and who viewed the video

Video in Viva Connections

Detailed feature roadmap & comparison to Stream (Classic)

Last updated: June 24, 2022

For a more detailed feature comparison of Stream (Classic) to Stream (on SharePoint), download this spreadsheet: Feature comparison, roadmap, & migration info for Stream (Classic) and Stream (on SharePoint)

What's coming next for Stream (on SharePoint)?

As we add new video capabilities they'll show up directly in the current SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, and Yammer video player. In the future, we'll further enhance the SharePoint and OneDrive player page to look much more like Stream (Classic), where the title & description are under the video with chapters or the transcript visible by default to aid in video navigation.

Current player page

Current version of OneDrive and SharePoint video player.

Future player page

New version of Stream (on SharePoint) player.


With Stream (on SharePoint), our roadmap will have extra levels of granularity. We're taking this approach so you can fully understand what is actively under development with a roadmap date and what we plan to build next. We hope this approach can help you as you prepare your rollouts for using video in Microsoft 365.

Under-development features with dates

See the Microsoft 365 roadmap with product filtered to "Microsoft Stream":

Recently released features

See the Microsoft 365 roadmap with product filtered to "Microsoft Stream" & status set to "Launched":

Future features we're working on or thinking about

See this spreadsheet that compares features of Stream (Classic) to Stream (on SharePoint). It has more detail on features not yet on the public roadmap but that are on our radar:

Help inform the roadmap

To help inform the roadmap:

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