Current features and upcoming roadmap for the new version of Microsoft Stream


The information contained in this topic is meant to provide a preview of the upcoming version of Microsoft Stream which will be launched later this year. Some features, screens, or functionality included in this topic may be modified, replaced, or removed without notice in the final release. Also, any release date mentioned is an estimate and may change.


The earlier version of Stream will now be known as Microsoft Stream (Classic) and Microsoft Stream (built on SharePoint files platform) (or simpler, Stream on SP) will continue as the name for the new version.

Videos uploaded to OneDrive and SharePoint (ODSP) will play natively on the ODSP video player. This playback offers a different experience compared to the classic Stream video player page.

In this article, you'll learn what you can expect from the new version of Stream, now known as Microsoft Stream on ODSP today. You'll know all current feature limitations and understand feature developments for how this experience will evolve over time.

What is available on New Stream today?

When you upload a new video to OneDrive or SharePoint, your video will play within the ODSP site using the current video player.

Here's an example from the browser:

New version of OneDrive SharePoint video player

Video playback

Playing videos in the new version of Stream on SharePoint and OneDrive works differently than how it worked in classic Stream because it uses different video players.

  • Play/pause, volume, and full-screen options are all centered at the bottom of the player
  • Current timestamp of the video is at the bottom left under the playback controls, and the length of the video is at the bottom right
  • Able to share, copy link, download, delete, and see version history of your video
  • Able to comment, see activity, and file information within the details pane
  • Play back support in the mobile apps for Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Yammer
  • Closed captions are available for the English language, only if Teams Live Transcription was used at the time of recording and if admins turn on recording transcription via policy


Analytics, security, and performance

What features are unavailable on the new version of Stream compared to classic Stream today?

The following features are offered in classic Stream, but are not currently available in the newest version of Stream on OneDrive and SharePoint:

  • View and edit transcripts next to the video player
  • Manually upload a caption or subtitle file to an existing video
  • Ability to change playback speed (0.5x - 2x)
  • Blocking downloads of Teams meeting recordings
  • Recording consent option in Microsoft Teams
  • Easily getting an embed code
  • A video player page with description, comments, transcripts, Forms, and so on
  • Full playback scale and performance of classic Stream
  • Stream web app to find all videos in new Stream
  • Adding Microsoft Forms to a video for quizzes and surveys
  • A dedicated Stream mobile application
  • A video webpart for SharePoint pages
  • Watchlist
  • Screen recording
  • Channels

What's coming next for the new version of Stream?

This year, we plan to bring many values from our vision of the new version of Stream to you. Here's what to expect as we replace the current ODSP video player with the newer version of the Stream video player.

Current player page

Current version of OneDrive and SharePoint video player

Future player page

New version of Stream player


With the new version of Stream, our roadmap will have two levels of granularity. We're taking this approach so you can fully understand what is actively under development and what we plan to build next as you prepare your rollouts for using video in Microsoft 365.

Under development features with dates

Feature Roadmap ID
SharePoint: Caching SharePoint videos on the Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN) to improve playback and reliability 66065
Microsoft Teams meeting recordings saved to OneDrive and SharePoint 67138
Stream video player and player page used for OneDrive and SharePoint videos 68830
Playback quality and scale for videos in Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint that matches classic Stream 68831
Continual improvements and new feature support for IT admin-led migration from classic Stream to the new version of Stream 68928
Prevent downloading of Teams meeting recordings 70543

Next features to be worked on (in approximate priority order)

  • Automatic expiration of Microsoft Teams meeting recordings to clean up old recordings
  • SharePoint webpart enhancements for videos
  • Video analytics for which part of the video viewed, average view time, and playback devices used for watching videos
  • Ability to generate transcripts and closed captions for video files uploaded to OneDrive or SharePoint
  • Enterprise search for transcripts
  • More information about governance support for transcripts (eDiscovery, Legal Hold, etc.)
  • End user-led migration support from classic Stream to the new version of Stream
  • Improvements to Microsoft Graph File APIs to better support video specific needs
  • Playlists

Help inform the roadmap

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