This library provides guidance to help you deploy Windows on Microsoft Surface devices, keep those devices up to date, and easily manage and support Surface devices in your organization.

For more information on planning for, deploying, and managing Surface devices in your organization, see the Surface TechCenter.

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Topic Description
Deploy Surface devices Get deployment guidance for your Surface devices including information about MDT, OOBE customization, Ethernet adaptors, and Surface Deployment Accelerator.
Surface firmware and driver updates Find out how to download and manage the latest firmware and driver updates for your Surface device.
Considerations for Surface and System Center Configuration Manager Get guidance on how to deploy and manage Surface devices with System Center Configuration Manager.
Deploy Surface app with Microsoft Store for Business Find out how to add and download Surface app with Microsoft Store for Business, as well as install Surface app with PowerShell and MDT.
Enable PEAP, EAP-FAST, and Cisco LEAP on Surface devices Find out how to enable support for PEAP, EAP-FAST, or Cisco LEAP protocols on your Surface device.
Manage Surface UEFI settings Use Surface UEFI settings to enable or disable devices, configure security settings, and adjust Surface device boot settings.
Surface Enterprise Management Mode See how this feature of Surface devices with Surface UEFI allows you to secure and manage firmware settings within your organization.
Surface Diagnostic Toolkit for Business Learn how to investigate, troubleshoot, and resolve hardware, software, and firmware issues with Surface devices.
Surface Data Eraser Find out how the Microsoft Surface Data Eraser tool can help you securely wipe data from your Surface devices.
Top support solutions for Surface devices These are the top Microsoft Support solutions for common issues experienced using Surface devices in an enterprise.
Change history for Surface documentation This topic lists new and updated topics in the Surface documentation library.

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