Getting Started


This version of Operations Manager has reached the end of support, we recommend you to upgrade to Operations Manager 2019.

Welcome to Microsoft System Center - Operations Manager. The following topics provide information to help you get started learning about Operations Manager in order to develop an effective architecture design plan that supports your requirements, a deployment strategy to successfully perform an installation of Operations Manager in your environment, and finally operational guidance so you can successfully use, manage and maintain your deployment.

Getting started topics

To learn what's new in System Center - Operations Manager, first review What's New in Operations Manager

Understand the minimum System Requirements for Operations Manager for each Operations Manager component and any other considerations that apply.

Before deploying Operations Manager, you first start by understanding the Planning Considerations for the different roles, security configuration, guidance for an optimal SQL Server configuration, and more.

Install Operations Manager in a simple or distributed configuration in your environment by following the Deploying System Center - Operations Manager deployment guide.

After installing Operations Manager, review the Operations Manager Operations Guide to learn how to effectively use, integrate with your existing ITSM processes, and support Operations Manager in your environment.