How to set alert resolution states


This version of Operations Manager has reached the end of support, we recommend you to upgrade to Operations Manager 2019.

In System Center Operations Manager there are seven default resolution states for alerts:

Resolution State ID
New 0
Closed 255
Acknowledge 249
Assigned to Engineering 248
Awaiting Evidence 247
Resolved 254
Scheduled 250

When an alert is generated, its resolution state is New. Operators can change the resolution state for a new alert to Closed or to a custom resolution state that an administrator has created for the management group.

Custom alert resolution states can used any descriptor you want, such as "Assigned to support" or "Requires investigation". The default resolution states cannot be changed or deleted.

Each resolution state is assigned an ID, a number which uniquely identifies that resolution state. You can assign custom resolution states any that is not already used, and you cannot use a value higher than 255.

To set the resolution state for an alert

  1. In the Operations console, click Monitoring.

  2. Click any view that displays alerts, such as Active Alerts.

  3. Right-click an alert, point to Set Resolution State, and then click the desired resolution state.

To create an alert resolution state

  1. In the Operations console, click Administration.

  2. Click Settings.

  3. Double-click Alerts.

  4. On the Alert Resolution States tab, click New.

  5. In Add Alert Resolution State, type a name for the resolution state and select a value in the Unique ID box, and then click OK.

  6. In Global Management Group Settings - Alerts, click OK.

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