System Center Operations Manager 1801 Release Notes

The following release notes apply to System Center Operations Manager 1801.

Telemetry for HTML5 dashboards

Description: System Center Operations Manager collects diagnostics and usage data about itself, which is used by Microsoft to improve the installation experience, quality, and security of future releases. With the release of the new HTML5 dashbaords, usage telemetry is collected with Application Insights, not from the Usage and Diagnostic feature in the management group. For more information on what user telemetry is collected by Application Insights, see Usage analysis with Application Insights.

Workaround: Disable the Diagnostic and Usage data collection setting in the Operations console from the Administration workspace under Settings\Privacy.

Edit Company Knowledge

Description: If the company knowledge of an alert/monitor/rule is already saved while editing in the Operations console and then the company knowledge of the same alert/monitor/rule is edited and saved using the new HTLM5 dashboards in the Web console, the content that was saved originally using the Operations console is overridden with the content saved through the Web console.

Workaround: None

Access Silverlight dashboards in Web Console using a different URL

Description: With HTML5 dashboards in Operations Manager 1801, the entire Web console is HTML based. Silverlight dashboards cannot be displayed in the Web console. To access existing Silverlight dashboards, you have to access using the following URL using Internet Explorer with Silverlight enabled - http(s)://<Servername>/dashboard and this will display all Silverlight dashboards.

Attempting to upgrade Reporting server fails prerequisites check

Description: While attempting to perform an upgrade of System Center 2016 - Operations Manager Reporting server to version 1801, the prerequisites checker will report the following error: Management Server Upgraded Check - The management server to which this component reports has not been upgraded. and the upgrade cannot proceed. This error occurs in a distributed management group scenario where the Reporting server is on a server separate from one or more management servers in the management group.

Workaround: Install the System Center 2016 - Operations Manager Operations console on the server hosting the Reporting server role and then retry upgrading the Reporting server role to version 1801. Once the upgrade is successfully completed, you can uninstall the upgraded Operations console from the Reporting server.