Manage storage QoS for clusters


This version of Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) has reached the end of support, we recommend you to upgrade to VMM 2019.

This article describes about how to manage storage quality-of-service (QoS) policies for clusters in the System Center - Virtual Machine Manager (VMM).

Assign storage QoS policy for clusters

Windows server 2016 and later allows the deployments to use the storage QoS feature with any VHDs residing on a Cluster Shared Volume (CSV). In VMM 2016, the management of SQoS is limited to VHDs residing on the S2D hyper converged type clusters and Scale-Out File Servers only (SOFS). Also, the scope of QoS policies is based on the storage arrays, which is not scalable to the scenarios like SAN, where VMM only manages the compute cluster.

VMM 1801 and later supports QoS on all managed clusters and also SOFS, running on Windows Server 2016 and beyond.

Use these steps:

  1. Click Fabric > Storage > QoS Policies > Create Storage QoS Policy.

  2. In the wizard > General, specify a policy name.

  3. In Policy Settings, specify how the policy should apply. Select All virtual disk instances share resources to specify that the policy should be applied to all virtual disks on the file server (pooled, single instance). Select Resources allocated to each virtual disk instance to specify that the policy is applied separately to each specified virtual disk (multi instance). Specify the minimum and maximum IOPS. A setting of 0 means that no policy is enforced.

  4. In Scope, select the managed cluster under Clusters to which you want to apply the policy. select cluster

  5. In Summary, verify the settings and finish the wizard.

On Upgrade

After upgrade, existing deployments which are managing their QoS with VMM, can seamlessly migrate to the new QoS scoping based on the cluster name.

PowerShell cmdlets

The following new parameters are added:

Affected cmdlet Parameter Details
New-SCStorageQoSPolicy -HostCluster Specifies an array of HostCluster objects for QoS policy scope. Optional.
New-SCVIrtualDiskDrive -StorageQoSPolicy Allows you to select the storage QoS policy for the Virtual Disk Drive. Optional.
Set-SCStorageQoSPolicy -HostCluster Specifies an array of HostCluster objects to be added in the QoS policy scope. Optional.
Get-SCStorageQoSPolicy -HostCluster Specifies a HostCluster object for which we want to query the QoS policies. Optional.

Assign a storage QoS Policy from templates

Templates usage is a common way for deploying VMs and Services on a cloud.

With VMM 1801 and later, you can select storage QoS policies from a template as well. For information on how to assign storage QoS policies from templates, see the related procedure in create a VM template article.

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