Computer stops responding when the mscorsvw.exe process starts executing

This article helps you resolve the problem where your computer stops responding when the mscorsvw.exe process starts executing.

Original product version:   .NET Framework
Original KB number:   2698881


Your computer stops responding or performs slowly with high Central Processing Unit (CPU) because of mscorsvw.exe.


Mscorsvw.exe performs CPU intensive operation while recompiling .NET assemblies in the background.


To work around this issue, skip this system process until the computer is idle.

Execute the following command from command prompt:

ngen.exe executequeueditems

More information

The mscorsvw.exe process runs in the background only when the following conditions are true:

  • The highest-priority assemblies have to be compiled after this .NET Framework redistributable is installed.
  • A .NET Framework application is installed to compile the .NET Framework assemblies.


The Mscorsvw.exe process usually pre-compiles high-priority assemblies within 5 to 10 minutes, and the mscorsvw.exe process tries to process the low-priority assemblies when the operating system is idle.