Other Simple Built-In Types and Literals


U-SQL’s also supports the following simple built-in types:

bool       bool?  
Guid       Guid?  

The grammar rules use Other_Type to refer to one of these types.

The maximal size of a column of type byte[] is the same as the maximal size of a row which currently is 4MB.

The built-in type bool uses the standard C# literals true and false.

The built-in type Guid does not have a built-in literal form, but requires the standard C# construction mechanisms such as Guid.Parse() or new Guid(). Note that these constructions with simple string parameters are constant folded (executed at compile time) and thus are similar to a built-in literal.

The built-in type byte[] does not have a built-in literal form, but accepts the standard C# construction new byte[] {} as a constant-foldable constructor.

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