Windows.​Application​Model.​Resources.​Core Windows.​Application​Model.​Resources.​Core Windows.​Application​Model.​Resources.​Core Namespace

Provides classes that enable advanced resource loading.

These classes provide functionality that includes:

  • Enumerating resources and resource values.
  • Looking up resource values for contexts other than the default.
  • Retrieving details about matching resource values.
  • Retrieving all possible resource candidates for a context, not just the best match.
  • Loading and unloading additional resource files.


NamedResource NamedResource NamedResource

Represents a single logical, named resource, such as a string resource named 'Header1'.

ResourceCandidate ResourceCandidate ResourceCandidate

Represents a single possible value for a given NamedResource, the qualifiers associated with that resource, and how well those qualifiers match the context against which it was resolved.

ResourceCandidateVectorView ResourceCandidateVectorView ResourceCandidateVectorView

Represents a collection of ResourceCandidate objects.

ResourceContext ResourceContext ResourceContext

Encapsulates all of the factors (ResourceQualifier s) that might affect resource selection.

ResourceContextLanguagesVectorView ResourceContextLanguagesVectorView ResourceContextLanguagesVectorView

Represents a collection of ResourceContext language qualifiers.

ResourceManager ResourceManager ResourceManager

Provides access to application resource maps and more advanced resource functionality.

ResourceMap ResourceMap ResourceMap

A collection of related resources, typically either for a particular app package, or a resource file for a particular package.

ResourceMapIterator ResourceMapIterator ResourceMapIterator

Supports iteration over a ResourceMap.

ResourceMapMapView ResourceMapMapView ResourceMapMapView

An unchangeable view into a map of ResourceMap objects.

ResourceMapMapViewIterator ResourceMapMapViewIterator ResourceMapMapViewIterator

Supports iteration over a ResourceMapMapView object.

ResourceQualifier ResourceQualifier ResourceQualifier

Defines the qualifiers associated with a ResourceCandidate.

ResourceQualifierMapView ResourceQualifierMapView ResourceQualifierMapView

An unchangeable view into a map of ResourceQualifier objects.

ResourceQualifierObservableMap ResourceQualifierObservableMap ResourceQualifierObservableMap

Notifies listeners of dynamic changes to a map of ResourceQualifier objects, such as when items get added or removed, and allows qualifier values to change.

ResourceQualifierVectorView ResourceQualifierVectorView ResourceQualifierVectorView

An unchangeable view into a vector of ResourceQualifier objects.


ResourceLayoutInfo ResourceLayoutInfo ResourceLayoutInfo

Structure that determines version and counts of resources returned for the app package.


ResourceQualifierPersistence ResourceQualifierPersistence ResourceQualifierPersistence

Possible values for the persistence of a global qualifier value override.