Windows.ApplicationModel.Resources.Core Windows.ApplicationModel.Resources.Core Windows.ApplicationModel.Resources.Core Windows.ApplicationModel.Resources.Core Namespace

Provides classes that enable advanced resource loading.

These classes provide functionality that includes:

  • Enumerating resources and resource values.
  • Looking up resource values for contexts other than the default.
  • Retrieving details about matching resource values.
  • Retrieving all possible resource candidates for a context, not just the best match.
  • Loading and unloading additional resource files.


NamedResource NamedResource NamedResource NamedResource

Represents a single logical, named resource, such as a string resource named 'Header1'.

ResourceCandidate ResourceCandidate ResourceCandidate ResourceCandidate

Represents a single possible value for a given NamedResource, the qualifiers associated with that resource, and how well those qualifiers match the context against which it was resolved.

ResourceCandidateVectorView ResourceCandidateVectorView ResourceCandidateVectorView ResourceCandidateVectorView

Represents a collection of ResourceCandidate objects.

ResourceContext ResourceContext ResourceContext ResourceContext

Encapsulates all of the factors (ResourceQualifier s) that might affect resource selection.

ResourceContextLanguagesVectorView ResourceContextLanguagesVectorView ResourceContextLanguagesVectorView ResourceContextLanguagesVectorView

Represents a collection of ResourceContext language qualifiers.

ResourceManager ResourceManager ResourceManager ResourceManager

Provides access to application resource maps and more advanced resource functionality.

ResourceMap ResourceMap ResourceMap ResourceMap

A collection of related resources, typically either for a particular app package, or a resource file for a particular package.

ResourceMapIterator ResourceMapIterator ResourceMapIterator ResourceMapIterator

Supports iteration over a ResourceMap.

ResourceMapMapView ResourceMapMapView ResourceMapMapView ResourceMapMapView

An unchangeable view into a map of ResourceMap objects.

ResourceMapMapViewIterator ResourceMapMapViewIterator ResourceMapMapViewIterator ResourceMapMapViewIterator

Supports iteration over a ResourceMapMapView object.

ResourceQualifier ResourceQualifier ResourceQualifier ResourceQualifier

Defines the qualifiers associated with a ResourceCandidate.

ResourceQualifierMapView ResourceQualifierMapView ResourceQualifierMapView ResourceQualifierMapView

An unchangeable view into a map of ResourceQualifier objects.

ResourceQualifierObservableMap ResourceQualifierObservableMap ResourceQualifierObservableMap ResourceQualifierObservableMap

Notifies listeners of dynamic changes to a map of ResourceQualifier objects, such as when items get added or removed, and allows qualifier values to change.

ResourceQualifierVectorView ResourceQualifierVectorView ResourceQualifierVectorView ResourceQualifierVectorView

An unchangeable view into a vector of ResourceQualifier objects.


ResourceLayoutInfo ResourceLayoutInfo ResourceLayoutInfo ResourceLayoutInfo

Structure that determines version and counts of resources returned for the app package.


ResourceQualifierPersistence ResourceQualifierPersistence ResourceQualifierPersistence ResourceQualifierPersistence

Possible values for the persistence of a global qualifier value override.

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