ResourceMapMapViewIterator ResourceMapMapViewIterator ResourceMapMapViewIterator ResourceMapMapViewIterator Class


Supports iteration over a ResourceMapMapView object.

public : sealed class ResourceMapMapViewIterator : IIterator<IKeyValuePair<Platform::String, ResourceMap>>
public sealed class ResourceMapMapViewIterator : IIterator<KeyValuePair<String, ResourceMap>>
Public NotInheritable Class ResourceMapMapViewIterator Implements IIterator<KeyValuePair<String, ResourceMap>>
// This class does not provide a public constructor.
Windows 10 requirements
Device family
Windows 10 (introduced v10.0.10240.0)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v1)


Current Current Current Current

Gets the current item in the ResourceMapMapView.

public : IKeyValuePair<Platform::String, ResourceMap> Current { get; }
public KeyValuePair<string, ResourceMap> Current { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property Current As KeyValuePair<string, ResourceMap>
var keyValuePair = resourceMapMapViewIterator.current;
IKeyValuePair<Platform::String, ResourceMap> KeyValuePair<string, ResourceMap> KeyValuePair<string, ResourceMap> KeyValuePair<string, ResourceMap>

The key and ResourceMap key-value pair for the current item.

HasCurrent HasCurrent HasCurrent HasCurrent

Gets a value that indicates whether there is a current item, or whether the iterator is at the end of the ResourceMapMapView.

public : Platform::Boolean HasCurrent { get; }
public bool HasCurrent { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property HasCurrent As bool
var bool = resourceMapMapViewIterator.hasCurrent;
Platform::Boolean bool bool bool

TRUE if the iterator refers to a valid item that is in the map view, and otherwise FALSE.


GetMany(IKeyValuePair[]) GetMany(IKeyValuePair[]) GetMany(IKeyValuePair[]) GetMany(IKeyValuePair[])

Returns all the items in the ResourceMapMapView.

public : unsigned int GetMany(IKeyValuePair<Platform::String, ResourceMap> items)
public uint GetMany(KeyValuePair<String, ResourceMap>[] items)
Public Function GetMany(items As KeyValuePair<String, ResourceMap>[]) As uint
var uint = resourceMapMapViewIterator.getMany(items);
IKeyValuePair<Platform::String, ResourceMap> KeyValuePair<String, ResourceMap>[] KeyValuePair<String, ResourceMap>[] KeyValuePair<String, ResourceMap>[]

The items in the map view.

unsigned int uint uint uint

The number of items in the map view.

MoveNext() MoveNext() MoveNext() MoveNext()

Moves the iterator forward to the next item and returns HasCurrent.

public : Platform::Boolean MoveNext()
public bool MoveNext()
Public Function MoveNext() As bool
var bool = resourceMapMapViewIterator.moveNext();
Platform::Boolean bool bool bool

TRUE if the iterator refers to a valid item that is in the map view, and otherwise FALSE.