SearchPaneQuerySubmittedEventArgs SearchPaneQuerySubmittedEventArgs SearchPaneQuerySubmittedEventArgs SearchPaneQuerySubmittedEventArgs Class


Provides data for a querysubmitted event that is associated with a searchPane instance.

public : sealed class SearchPaneQuerySubmittedEventArgs : ISearchPaneQuerySubmittedEventArgs, ISearchPaneQuerySubmittedEventArgsWithLinguisticDetailspublic sealed class SearchPaneQuerySubmittedEventArgs : ISearchPaneQuerySubmittedEventArgs, ISearchPaneQuerySubmittedEventArgsWithLinguisticDetailsPublic NotInheritable Class SearchPaneQuerySubmittedEventArgs Implements ISearchPaneQuerySubmittedEventArgs, ISearchPaneQuerySubmittedEventArgsWithLinguisticDetails// You can use this class in JavaScript.
Windows 10 requirements
Device family
Windows Desktop Extension SDK (introduced v10.0.10240.0) Xbox One Extensions for the UWP (introduced v10.0.10586.0)
API contract
Windows.ApplicationModel.Search.SearchContract (introduced v1)


The Search contract sample demonstrates how to register a querysubmitted event handler.


You can access information about the event from the searchPaneQuerySubmittedEventArgs object that is passed to your querysubmitted event handler.

// Register QuerySubmitted handler for the window at window creation time and only registered once
// so that the app can receive user queries at any time.
SearchPane.GetForCurrentView().QuerySubmitted += new TypedEventHandler<SearchPane, SearchPaneQuerySubmittedEventArgs>(OnQuerySubmitted);
Windows.ApplicationModel.Search.SearchPane.getForCurrentView().onquerysubmitted = function (eventObject) {
    WinJS.log && WinJS.log("User submitted the search query: " + eventObject.queryText, "sample", "status");


This object is passed to an app's querysubmitted event handler.


Language Language Language Language

The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) language tag (BCP 47 standard) that identifies the language currently associated with the user's text input device.

public : PlatForm::String Language { get; }public string Language { get; }Public ReadOnly Property Language As string// You can use this property in JavaScript.
PlatForm::String string string string

The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) BCP 47 standard language tag.

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LinguisticDetails LinguisticDetails LinguisticDetails LinguisticDetails

An object that provides linguistic information about query text that the user is entering through an Input Method Editor (IME).

public : SearchPaneQueryLinguisticDetails LinguisticDetails { get; }public SearchPaneQueryLinguisticDetails LinguisticDetails { get; }Public ReadOnly Property LinguisticDetails As SearchPaneQueryLinguisticDetails// You can use this property in JavaScript.

QueryText QueryText QueryText QueryText

The text that was submitted through the search pane.

public : PlatForm::String QueryText { get; }public string QueryText { get; }Public ReadOnly Property QueryText As string// You can use this property in JavaScript.
PlatForm::String string string string

The submitted query text.

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