Windows.Devices.Bluetooth Windows.Devices.Bluetooth Windows.Devices.Bluetooth Windows.Devices.Bluetooth Namespace

The Windows.Devices.Bluetooth namespace defines a set of Windows Runtime API that allows Windows Store app and desktop apps to interact with Bluetooth devices. For more information, see Bluetooth.


BluetoothAdapter BluetoothAdapter BluetoothAdapter BluetoothAdapter

Represents a Bluetooth adapter.

BluetoothClassOfDevice BluetoothClassOfDevice BluetoothClassOfDevice BluetoothClassOfDevice

Provides functionality to determine the Bluetooth Class Of Device (Bluetooth COD) information for a device.

BluetoothDevice BluetoothDevice BluetoothDevice BluetoothDevice

Represents a Bluetooth device.

BluetoothDeviceId BluetoothDeviceId BluetoothDeviceId BluetoothDeviceId

Represents a bluetooth device ID.

BluetoothLEAppearance BluetoothLEAppearance BluetoothLEAppearance BluetoothLEAppearance

Provides functionality to determine the Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) Appearance information for a device. To get an instance of this class, call the BluetoothLEAppearance.FromRawValue method or the BluetoothLEAppearance.FromParts method.

BluetoothLEAppearanceCategories BluetoothLEAppearanceCategories BluetoothLEAppearanceCategories BluetoothLEAppearanceCategories

Indicates the appearance category code of the Bluetooth LE device.

BluetoothLEAppearanceSubcategories BluetoothLEAppearanceSubcategories BluetoothLEAppearanceSubcategories BluetoothLEAppearanceSubcategories

Indicates the appearance subcategory code of the Bluetooth LE device. For more info on how sub categories map to categories, see the Bluetooth Specification.

BluetoothLEDevice BluetoothLEDevice BluetoothLEDevice BluetoothLEDevice

Represents a Bluetooth LE device.

BluetoothSignalStrengthFilter BluetoothSignalStrengthFilter BluetoothSignalStrengthFilter BluetoothSignalStrengthFilter

Groups parameters used to configure received signal strength indicator (RSSI)-based filtering.

BluetoothUuidHelper BluetoothUuidHelper BluetoothUuidHelper BluetoothUuidHelper

A helper class that provides methods to convert between bluetooth device UUID and short ID.


BluetoothAddressType BluetoothAddressType BluetoothAddressType BluetoothAddressType

Describes the Bluetooth address type.

BluetoothCacheMode BluetoothCacheMode BluetoothCacheMode BluetoothCacheMode

Indicates whether certain Bluetooth API methods should operate on values cached in the system or retrieve those values from the Bluetooth device.

BluetoothConnectionStatus BluetoothConnectionStatus BluetoothConnectionStatus BluetoothConnectionStatus

Indicates the connection status of the device.

BluetoothError BluetoothError BluetoothError BluetoothError

Specifies common Bluetooth error cases.

BluetoothMajorClass BluetoothMajorClass BluetoothMajorClass BluetoothMajorClass

Indicates the Major Class code of the device, which is the general family of device with which the device is associated.

BluetoothMinorClass BluetoothMinorClass BluetoothMinorClass BluetoothMinorClass

Indicates the Minor Class code of the device. These are interpreted in the context of the Major Class codes.

BluetoothServiceCapabilities BluetoothServiceCapabilities BluetoothServiceCapabilities BluetoothServiceCapabilities

Indicates the service capabilities of a device.