Windows.​Devices.​Bluetooth.​Generic​Attribute​Profile Windows.​Devices.​Bluetooth.​Generic​Attribute​Profile Windows.​Devices.​Bluetooth.​Generic​Attribute​Profile Namespace

The Windows.Devices.Bluetooth.GenericAttributeProfile namespace defines Windows Runtime classes that a Windows Store app and desktop applications can use to communicate with Bluetooth LE devices. For more information, see Bluetooth.To learn more about how to use Windows.Devices.Bluetooth.GenericAttributeProfile, see the Bluetooth Generic Attribute Profile - Heart Rate Service sample.


GattCharacteristic GattCharacteristic GattCharacteristic

Represents a Characteristic of a GATT service. The GattCharacteristic object represents a GATT Characteristic of a particular service, and is obtained from the Characteristics property of the GattDeviceService object.

GattCharacteristicsResult GattCharacteristicsResult GattCharacteristicsResult

Contains the result of **GetCharacteristicsForUuidAsync** and **GetCharacteristicsAsync**

GattCharacteristicUuids GattCharacteristicUuids GattCharacteristicUuids

Represents an enumeration of the most well known Characteristic UUID values, and provides convenience methods for working with GATT characteristic UUIDs, and static properties providing characteristic UUIDs for common GATT characteristics.

GattClientNotificationResult GattClientNotificationResult GattClientNotificationResult

Prerelease. The result of NotifyValueAsync

GattDescriptor GattDescriptor GattDescriptor

Represents a Descriptor of a GATT Characteristic. The GattDescriptor object represents a GATT Descriptor of a particular characteristic, and is obtained from the Descriptors property of the GattCharacteristic object.

GattDescriptorsResult GattDescriptorsResult GattDescriptorsResult

The result of descriptor operations like GattCharacteristic.GetDescriptorsAsync

GattDescriptorUuids GattDescriptorUuids GattDescriptorUuids

Represents an enumeration of the most well known Descriptor UUID values, and provides convenience methods for working with GATT descriptor UUIDs, and static properties providing descriptor UUIDs for common GATT descriptors.

GattDeviceService GattDeviceService GattDeviceService

Represents a GATT Primary Service on a Bluetooth device. The GattDeviceService class represents a GATT service on a Bluetooth LE device. It is instantiated by using a device service instance path, obtained by finding a device using the Windows.Devices.Enumeration API.

GattDeviceServicesResult GattDeviceServicesResult GattDeviceServicesResult

The status of **GetIncludedServicesForUuidAsync** and **GetIncludedServicesForUuidAsync**

GattLocalCharacteristic GattLocalCharacteristic GattLocalCharacteristic

This class represents a local characteristic.

GattLocalCharacteristicParameters GattLocalCharacteristicParameters GattLocalCharacteristicParameters

This class contains the local characteristic descriptor parameters.

GattLocalCharacteristicResult GattLocalCharacteristicResult GattLocalCharacteristicResult

A result of CreateCharacteristicAsync.

GattLocalDescriptor GattLocalDescriptor GattLocalDescriptor

This class defines a descriptor of a local characteristic.

GattLocalDescriptorParameters GattLocalDescriptorParameters GattLocalDescriptorParameters

This class defines the parameters of a descriptor.

GattLocalDescriptorResult GattLocalDescriptorResult GattLocalDescriptorResult

The result of local characteristic descriptor operations like CreateDescriptorAsync.

GattLocalService GattLocalService GattLocalService

This class represents a GATT local service.

GattPresentationFormat GattPresentationFormat GattPresentationFormat

Represents the value of a single Presentation Format GATT Descriptor.

GattPresentationFormatTypes GattPresentationFormatTypes GattPresentationFormatTypes

Represents the different well-known values that the GattPresentationFormat.FormatType property can take.

GattProtocolError GattProtocolError GattProtocolError

This class contains byte values for GATT protocol errors.

GattReadClientCharacteristicConfigurationDescriptorResult GattReadClientCharacteristicConfigurationDescriptorResult GattReadClientCharacteristicConfigurationDescriptorResult

Represents the result of reading a GATT Client CharacteristicConfigurationClientDescriptor value.

GattReadRequest GattReadRequest GattReadRequest

This class represents a Bluetooth GATT read request.

GattReadRequestedEventArgs GattReadRequestedEventArgs GattReadRequestedEventArgs

This class contains the arguments for the StateChanged event.

GattReadResult GattReadResult GattReadResult

Represents the result of an asynchronous read operation of a GATT Characteristic or Descriptor value.

GattReliableWriteTransaction GattReliableWriteTransaction GattReliableWriteTransaction

Performs GATT reliable writes on the Bluetooth LE device, in the form of a transaction write operation.

GattRequestStateChangedEventArgs GattRequestStateChangedEventArgs GattRequestStateChangedEventArgs

This class defines arguments of StateChanged.

GattServiceProvider GattServiceProvider GattServiceProvider

This class is used to advertise a GATT service.

GattServiceProviderAdvertisementStatusChangedEventArgs GattServiceProviderAdvertisementStatusChangedEventArgs GattServiceProviderAdvertisementStatusChangedEventArgs

The event args for the GattServiceProvider.

GattServiceProviderAdvertisingParameters GattServiceProviderAdvertisingParameters GattServiceProviderAdvertisingParameters

This class is used to define a GATT service advertisement parameters.

GattServiceProviderResult GattServiceProviderResult GattServiceProviderResult

This class is the result of the CreateAsync operation.

GattServiceUuids GattServiceUuids GattServiceUuids

Represents an enumeration of the most well known Service UUID values, and provides convenience methods for working with GATT service UUIDs, and static properties providing service UUIDs for common GATT services. To view a list of all Bluetooth SIG-defined service UUIDs, see Bluetooth SIG-defined Service UUIDs.

GattSession GattSession GattSession

This class represents a GATT session.

GattSessionStatusChangedEventArgs GattSessionStatusChangedEventArgs GattSessionStatusChangedEventArgs

This class represents the SessionStatusChanged event args.

GattSubscribedClient GattSubscribedClient GattSubscribedClient

This class represents a subscribed client of a GATT session.

GattValueChangedEventArgs GattValueChangedEventArgs GattValueChangedEventArgs

Represents the arguments received by a GattCharacteristic.ValueChanged event handler used to process characteristic value change notification and indication events sent by a Bluetooth LE device.

GattWriteRequest GattWriteRequest GattWriteRequest

This class represents a GATT write request.

GattWriteRequestedEventArgs GattWriteRequestedEventArgs GattWriteRequestedEventArgs

This class represents the event args for WriteRequested.

GattWriteResult GattWriteResult GattWriteResult

Contains the result of GATT write operations like **WriteValueWithResultAsync**.


GattCharacteristicProperties GattCharacteristicProperties GattCharacteristicProperties

Specifies the values for the GATT characteristic properties as well as the GATT Extended Characteristic Properties Descriptor.

Provides a collection of flags representing the GATT Characteristic Properties and if the GATT Extended Properties Descriptor is present the GATT Extended Characteristic properties of the characteristic.

Represents the GATT characteristic properties, as defined by the GATT profile, and if the ExtendedProperties flag is present it also represents the properties of the Extended Characteristic Properties Descriptor.

GattClientCharacteristicConfigurationDescriptorValue GattClientCharacteristicConfigurationDescriptorValue GattClientCharacteristicConfigurationDescriptorValue

Represents the value of the GATT ClientCharacteristicConfigurationDescriptor.

Indicates the state of the Client Characteristic Configuration descriptor.

GattCommunicationStatus GattCommunicationStatus GattCommunicationStatus

Represents the return status of a WinRT GATT API related Async operation.

Indicates the status of the asynchronous operation.

GattOpenStatus GattOpenStatus GattOpenStatus

The status of **GattDeviceService.OpenAsync**.

GattProtectionLevel GattProtectionLevel GattProtectionLevel

Represents the desired security level.

Allows the desired Security option to be requested.

GattRequestState GattRequestState GattRequestState

This enumeration defines a GATT request state.

GattServiceProviderAdvertisementStatus GattServiceProviderAdvertisementStatus GattServiceProviderAdvertisementStatus

This enumeration defines the advertisement status of a GattServiceProvider.

GattSessionStatus GattSessionStatus GattSessionStatus

This enumeration defines a GattSession status.

GattSharingMode GattSharingMode GattSharingMode

This enumeration represents the GATT sharing mode.

GattWriteOption GattWriteOption GattWriteOption

Indicates what type of write operation is to be performed.