Windows.​Devices.​Printers.​Extensions Windows.​Devices.​Printers.​Extensions Windows.​Devices.​Printers.​Extensions Namespace

Contains classes and interfaces that provide access to the Windows Runtime Components for print task configuration and print notifications.


Print3DWorkflow Print3DWorkflow Print3DWorkflow

Represents a customized printing experience for a 3D printer.

Print3DWorkflowPrinterChangedEventArgs Print3DWorkflowPrinterChangedEventArgs Print3DWorkflowPrinterChangedEventArgs

Provides data about the printer change to the app that initiated the change.

Print3DWorkflowPrintRequestedEventArgs Print3DWorkflowPrintRequestedEventArgs Print3DWorkflowPrintRequestedEventArgs

Provides data about the print request to the app that initiated the request.

PrintExtensionContext PrintExtensionContext PrintExtensionContext

Provides the context for the printer extension object.

PrintNotificationEventDetails PrintNotificationEventDetails PrintNotificationEventDetails

Contains properties that allow a client to access and/or manipulate print event data and print device name information.

PrintTaskConfiguration PrintTaskConfiguration PrintTaskConfiguration

Allows a client to retrieve the print task extension context, and also to add an event handler to the print task.

PrintTaskConfigurationSaveRequest PrintTaskConfigurationSaveRequest PrintTaskConfigurationSaveRequest

Called when the print dialog for your app raises a SaveRequested event.

PrintTaskConfigurationSaveRequestedDeferral PrintTaskConfigurationSaveRequestedDeferral PrintTaskConfigurationSaveRequestedDeferral

Called by the device app to provide an update of the status of the deferral.

PrintTaskConfigurationSaveRequestedEventArgs PrintTaskConfigurationSaveRequestedEventArgs PrintTaskConfigurationSaveRequestedEventArgs

Called to notify the device app that the print task configuration must be saved.


Print3DWorkflowDetail Print3DWorkflowDetail Print3DWorkflowDetail

Specifies the types of errors that may be encountered by the Print3DWorkflow class.

Print3DWorkflowStatus Print3DWorkflowStatus Print3DWorkflowStatus

Specifies the status of the Print3DWorkflow class.