Windows.Globalization.NumberFormatting Windows.Globalization.NumberFormatting Windows.Globalization.NumberFormatting Windows.Globalization.NumberFormatting Windows.Globalization.NumberFormatting Namespace

Provides classes for formatting currencies, decimal numbers, percent values, and permille values, based on the user's languages and geographic region.


CurrencyFormatter CurrencyFormatter CurrencyFormatter CurrencyFormatter CurrencyFormatter

Formats and parses currencies.

DecimalFormatter DecimalFormatter DecimalFormatter DecimalFormatter DecimalFormatter

Formats and parses decimal numbers.

IncrementNumberRounder IncrementNumberRounder IncrementNumberRounder IncrementNumberRounder IncrementNumberRounder

Rounds numbers to a specified increment.

For example, this class can be used to round a number to the nearest 0.01.

NumeralSystemTranslator NumeralSystemTranslator NumeralSystemTranslator NumeralSystemTranslator NumeralSystemTranslator

Translates digits of the Latin numerical system into digits of another numerical system.

PercentFormatter PercentFormatter PercentFormatter PercentFormatter PercentFormatter

Formats and parses percentages.

PermilleFormatter PermilleFormatter PermilleFormatter PermilleFormatter PermilleFormatter

Formats and parses permillages.

SignificantDigitsNumberRounder SignificantDigitsNumberRounder SignificantDigitsNumberRounder SignificantDigitsNumberRounder SignificantDigitsNumberRounder

Rounds numbers to a specified number of significant digits.


INumberFormatter INumberFormatter INumberFormatter INumberFormatter INumberFormatter

An interface that returns a string representation of a provided value, using an overloaded Format method to format several data types.

INumberFormatter2 INumberFormatter2 INumberFormatter2 INumberFormatter2 INumberFormatter2

An interface that returns a string representation of a provided value, using distinct format methods to format several data types.

INumberFormatterOptions INumberFormatterOptions INumberFormatterOptions INumberFormatterOptions INumberFormatterOptions

An interface that gets and sets options for formatting numbers.

INumberParser INumberParser INumberParser INumberParser INumberParser

An interface that parses a string representation of a numeric value.

INumberRounder INumberRounder INumberRounder INumberRounder INumberRounder

An interface that returns rounded results for provided numbers of several data types.

INumberRounderOption INumberRounderOption INumberRounderOption INumberRounderOption INumberRounderOption

An interface that gets and sets the option for rounding numbers.

ISignedZeroOption ISignedZeroOption ISignedZeroOption ISignedZeroOption ISignedZeroOption

An interface that gets and sets the option for specifying whether -0 is formatted as "-0" or "0".

ISignificantDigitsOption ISignificantDigitsOption ISignificantDigitsOption ISignificantDigitsOption ISignificantDigitsOption

An interface that gets and sets the option for specifying significant digits.


CurrencyFormatterMode CurrencyFormatterMode CurrencyFormatterMode CurrencyFormatterMode CurrencyFormatterMode

Specifies the use of symbols or codes when currency is formatted.

This enumeration is used by the Mode property of CurrencyFormatter.

RoundingAlgorithm RoundingAlgorithm RoundingAlgorithm RoundingAlgorithm RoundingAlgorithm

Specifies the algorithm used to round numbers.


If your app passes language tags from this namespace to any National Language Support functions, it must first convert the tags by calling ResolveLocaleName.

For a list of standard country/region codes used by Microsoft, see the Official Country/Region List.

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