Windows.Media Windows.Media Windows.Media Windows.Media Namespace

Provides classes for creating and working with media such as photos, audio recordings and videos.


Represents a buffer containing audio data.

Represents a single frame of audio data.

Provides data for the AutoRepeatModeChangeRequested event.

Provides properties for image information that is displayed by SystemMediaTransportControlsDisplayUpdater class.


MediaControl may be altered or unavailable for releases after Windows 8.1. Instead, use SystemMediaTransportControls.

Describes the object that applications register with, to receive media focus and transport control notifications.

Registers a media parser or codec.

Provides a static list of media marker types.

Provides a media processing background task access to the set of arguments supplied in the call to RequestAsync(ValueSet).

Provides information about and control over the rate, position, and state of a MediaPlayer. This class makes it possible to control and synchronize multiple media players from a single controller and makes it easier to create custom transport controls.

Prerelease. Provides data for the Failed event, which occurs when the timeline controller encounters an error and can't continue playback.

Provides properties for music information that is displayed by the SystemMediaTransportControlsDisplayUpdater class.

Provides data for the PlaybackPositionChangeRequested event.

Provides data for the PlaybackRateChangeRequested event.

Provides data for the ShuffleEnabledChangeRequested event.

Represents an object that enables integrate with the system media transport controls and support for media commands.

Provides data for the ButtonPressed event.

Provides functionality to update the music information that is displayed on the SystemMediaTransportControls.

Occurs when a property is changed on the SystemMediaTransportControls.

Represents timeline properties of the SystemMediaTransportControls. Pass an instance of this class to the UpdateTimelineProperties(SystemMediaTransportControlsTimelineProperties) method to update the properties.

Provides properties for video information that is displayed by SystemMediaTransportControlsDisplayUpdater class.

Provides video-related effects.

Represents a single frame of video data.


Prerelease. Represents a time range within media content.


Encapsulates the method needed to set the configuration properties on a registered media parser or codec.

Represents a single frame of media data.

Represents a marker at specific location in a media stream time-line.

Represents a collection of media markers.


Defines the access mode of an AudioBuffer returned by LockBuffer(AudioBufferAccessMode).

Defines the audio processing modes.

Specifies the auto repeat mode for media playback.

Defines values for the status of the media playback.

Defines values for the types of media playback.

Specifies the state of a MediaTimelineController.

Specifies the sound level of the capture or render stream.

Defines values for the buttons on the SystemMediaTransportControls.

Defines values for the properties on the SystemMediaTransportControls.