LowLagPhotoControl LowLagPhotoControl LowLagPhotoControl LowLagPhotoControl LowLagPhotoControl Class


Provides functionality for managing the low shutter lag photo capture mode on the capture device.

public : sealed class LowLagPhotoControl : ILowLagPhotoControl
struct winrt::Windows::Media::Devices::LowLagPhotoControl : ILowLagPhotoControl
public sealed class LowLagPhotoControl : ILowLagPhotoControl
Public NotInheritable Class LowLagPhotoControl Implements ILowLagPhotoControl
// This class does not provide a public constructor.
Windows 10 requirements
Device family
Windows 10 (introduced v10.0.10240.0)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v1)


You can access the LowLagPhotoControl for the capture device through MediaCapture.VideoDeviceController.

Thumbnails are supported for a low shutter lag single photos and photo sequences.

To enable thumbnails, set ThumbnailEnabled to true.

You can set the desired thumbnail size through DesiredThumbnailSize and set the thumbnail format through ThumbnailFormat.


DesiredThumbnailSize DesiredThumbnailSize DesiredThumbnailSize DesiredThumbnailSize DesiredThumbnailSize

Gets or sets the desired size for thumbnails, which is the largest length of the image, either width or height.

public : unsigned int DesiredThumbnailSize { get; set; }
uint32_t DesiredThumbnailSize(); void DesiredThumbnailSize(uint32_t desiredthumbnailsize);
public uint DesiredThumbnailSize { get; set; }
Public ReadWrite Property DesiredThumbnailSize As uint
var uint = lowLagPhotoControl.desiredThumbnailSize;
lowLagPhotoControl.desiredThumbnailSize = uint;
uint uint uint

The desired thumbnail size.


The actual dimension of the thumbnail is not guaranteed to be the value specified by DesiredThumbnailSize, but the system will attempt to create thumbnails as close as possible to this value.

See Also

HardwareAcceleratedThumbnailSupported HardwareAcceleratedThumbnailSupported HardwareAcceleratedThumbnailSupported HardwareAcceleratedThumbnailSupported HardwareAcceleratedThumbnailSupported

Gets a value that specifies if hardware acceleration is supported for thumbnails.

public : unsigned int HardwareAcceleratedThumbnailSupported { get; }
uint32_t HardwareAcceleratedThumbnailSupported();
public uint HardwareAcceleratedThumbnailSupported { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property HardwareAcceleratedThumbnailSupported As uint
var uint = lowLagPhotoControl.hardwareAcceleratedThumbnailSupported;
uint uint uint

true if hardware acceleration for thumbnails is supported; otherwise, false.

ThumbnailEnabled ThumbnailEnabled ThumbnailEnabled ThumbnailEnabled ThumbnailEnabled

Gets a value that enables and disables thumbnail support.

public : Platform::Boolean ThumbnailEnabled { get; set; }
bool ThumbnailEnabled(); void ThumbnailEnabled(bool thumbnailenabled);
public bool ThumbnailEnabled { get; set; }
Public ReadWrite Property ThumbnailEnabled As bool
var bool = lowLagPhotoControl.thumbnailEnabled;
lowLagPhotoControl.thumbnailEnabled = bool;
bool bool bool

true if thumbnails are enabled; otherwise, false.

See Also

ThumbnailFormat ThumbnailFormat ThumbnailFormat ThumbnailFormat ThumbnailFormat

Gets or sets the media format for the thumbnails.

public : MediaThumbnailFormat ThumbnailFormat { get; set; }
MediaThumbnailFormat ThumbnailFormat(); void ThumbnailFormat(MediaThumbnailFormat thumbnailformat);
public MediaThumbnailFormat ThumbnailFormat { get; set; }
Public ReadWrite Property ThumbnailFormat As MediaThumbnailFormat
var mediaThumbnailFormat = lowLagPhotoControl.thumbnailFormat;
lowLagPhotoControl.thumbnailFormat = mediaThumbnailFormat;
MediaThumbnailFormat MediaThumbnailFormat MediaThumbnailFormat

The media format for the thumbnails.

See Also


GetCurrentFrameRate() GetCurrentFrameRate() GetCurrentFrameRate() GetCurrentFrameRate() GetCurrentFrameRate()

Gets the current frame rate at which pictures can be taken.

public : MediaRatio GetCurrentFrameRate()
MediaRatio GetCurrentFrameRate() const;
public MediaRatio GetCurrentFrameRate()
Public Function GetCurrentFrameRate() As MediaRatio
var mediaRatio = lowLagPhotoControl.getCurrentFrameRate();

The current frame rate.

GetHighestConcurrentFrameRate(IMediaEncodingProperties) GetHighestConcurrentFrameRate(IMediaEncodingProperties) GetHighestConcurrentFrameRate(IMediaEncodingProperties) GetHighestConcurrentFrameRate(IMediaEncodingProperties) GetHighestConcurrentFrameRate(IMediaEncodingProperties)

Gets the highest frame rate supported when video and photos are being captured concurrently.

public : MediaRatio GetHighestConcurrentFrameRate(IMediaEncodingProperties captureProperties)
MediaRatio GetHighestConcurrentFrameRate(IMediaEncodingProperties captureProperties) const;
public MediaRatio GetHighestConcurrentFrameRate(IMediaEncodingProperties captureProperties)
Public Function GetHighestConcurrentFrameRate(captureProperties As IMediaEncodingProperties) As MediaRatio
var mediaRatio = lowLagPhotoControl.getHighestConcurrentFrameRate(captureProperties);
IMediaEncodingProperties IMediaEncodingProperties IMediaEncodingProperties

The media encoding properties.


The highest concurrent frames per second.


The ConcurrentRecordAndPhotoSupported property on the MediaCapture class specifies if the capture device supports capturing videos and photos at the same time.