SystemMediaTransportControls SystemMediaTransportControls SystemMediaTransportControls SystemMediaTransportControls SystemMediaTransportControls Class


Represents an object that enables integration with the system media transport controls and support for media commands.

public : sealed class SystemMediaTransportControls
struct winrt::Windows::Media::SystemMediaTransportControls
public sealed class SystemMediaTransportControls
Public NotInheritable Class SystemMediaTransportControls
// This class does not provide a public constructor.

Windows 10 requirements

Device family
Windows 10 (introduced v10.0.10240.0)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v1)


The SystemMediaTransportControls replaces the MediaControl class. In Windows 8.1 and later, you should use this control instead of MediaControl to interact with the system transport controls. The system transport controls enable music application developers to hook into a system-wide transport control. The system transport control allows a user to control a music application that is in the background as well as get and set the current information on which track is playing.

Starting with Windows 10, version 1607, UWP apps that use the MediaPlayer class or AudioGraph class to play media are automatically integrated with the SMTC by default. Simply instantiate a new instance of MediaPlayer and assign a MediaSource, MediaPlaybackItem, or MediaPlaybackList to the player's Source property and the user will see your app name in the SMTC and can play, pause, and move through your playback lists by using the SMTC controls. Get an instance of the SMTC by accessing the MediaPlayer object's SystemMediaTransportControls property. For how-to guidance on using the SMTC from your app, see Integrate with the SystemMediaTransportControls.

For some scenarios, you may want to disable automatic integration with the SMTC. In this case, you should disable the MediaPlayer object's CommandManager by setting the IsEnabled property to false. Call GetForCurrentView to get an instance of the SystemMediaTransportControls for current view. You will also need to get an instance this way if you are targeting an older version of Windows. For how-to guidance on manually controlling the SMTC, see Manual control of the System Media Transport Controls.


AutoRepeatMode AutoRepeatMode AutoRepeatMode AutoRepeatMode AutoRepeatMode

Gets or sets a value representing the current auto-repeat mode of the SystemMediaTransportControls.

DisplayUpdater DisplayUpdater DisplayUpdater DisplayUpdater DisplayUpdater

Gets the display updater for the SystemMediaTransportControls which enable updating the information displayed about the currently playing song.

IsChannelDownEnabled IsChannelDownEnabled IsChannelDownEnabled IsChannelDownEnabled IsChannelDownEnabled

Gets or sets a value that specifies if the channel down button is supported.

IsChannelUpEnabled IsChannelUpEnabled IsChannelUpEnabled IsChannelUpEnabled IsChannelUpEnabled

Gets or sets a value that specifies if the channel up button is supported.

IsEnabled IsEnabled IsEnabled IsEnabled IsEnabled

Enables and disables the system media transport controls for the app.

IsFastForwardEnabled IsFastForwardEnabled IsFastForwardEnabled IsFastForwardEnabled IsFastForwardEnabled

Gets or sets a value that specifies if the fast forward button is supported.

IsNextEnabled IsNextEnabled IsNextEnabled IsNextEnabled IsNextEnabled

Gets or sets a value that specifies if the next button is supported.

IsPauseEnabled IsPauseEnabled IsPauseEnabled IsPauseEnabled IsPauseEnabled

Gets or sets a value that specifies if the pause button is supported.true if the pause button is supported; otherwise, false.

IsPlayEnabled IsPlayEnabled IsPlayEnabled IsPlayEnabled IsPlayEnabled

Gets or sets a value that specifies if the play button is supported.

IsPreviousEnabled IsPreviousEnabled IsPreviousEnabled IsPreviousEnabled IsPreviousEnabled

Gets or sets a value that specifies if the previous button is supported.

IsRecordEnabled IsRecordEnabled IsRecordEnabled IsRecordEnabled IsRecordEnabled

Gets or sets a value that specifies if the record button is supported.true if the record button is supported; otherwise, false.

IsRewindEnabled IsRewindEnabled IsRewindEnabled IsRewindEnabled IsRewindEnabled

Gets or sets a value that specifies if the rewind button is supported.

IsStopEnabled IsStopEnabled IsStopEnabled IsStopEnabled IsStopEnabled

Gets or sets a value that specifies if the stop button is supported.

PlaybackRate PlaybackRate PlaybackRate PlaybackRate PlaybackRate

Gets or sets the playback rate of the SystemMediaTransportControls.

PlaybackStatus PlaybackStatus PlaybackStatus PlaybackStatus PlaybackStatus

Gets or sets the playback status of the media.

ShuffleEnabled ShuffleEnabled ShuffleEnabled ShuffleEnabled ShuffleEnabled

Gets or sets a value representing the current shuffle state of the SystemMediaTransportControls.

SoundLevel SoundLevel SoundLevel SoundLevel SoundLevel

Gets the sound level of the media for the capture and render streams.


GetForCurrentView() GetForCurrentView() GetForCurrentView() GetForCurrentView() GetForCurrentView()

The system media transport controls for the current view.

UpdateTimelineProperties(SystemMediaTransportControlsTimelineProperties) UpdateTimelineProperties(SystemMediaTransportControlsTimelineProperties) UpdateTimelineProperties(SystemMediaTransportControlsTimelineProperties) UpdateTimelineProperties(SystemMediaTransportControlsTimelineProperties) UpdateTimelineProperties(SystemMediaTransportControlsTimelineProperties)

Updates the SystemMediaTransportControls timeline properties with the values in the provided object.


AutoRepeatModeChangeRequested AutoRepeatModeChangeRequested AutoRepeatModeChangeRequested AutoRepeatModeChangeRequested AutoRepeatModeChangeRequested

Occurs when the user modifies the SystemMediaTransportControls auto-repeat mode.

ButtonPressed ButtonPressed ButtonPressed ButtonPressed ButtonPressed

Occurs when a button is pressed on the SystemMediaTransportControls.

PlaybackPositionChangeRequested PlaybackPositionChangeRequested PlaybackPositionChangeRequested PlaybackPositionChangeRequested PlaybackPositionChangeRequested

Occurs when the user modifies the playback position of the SystemMediaTransportControls.

PlaybackRateChangeRequested PlaybackRateChangeRequested PlaybackRateChangeRequested PlaybackRateChangeRequested PlaybackRateChangeRequested

Occurs when the user modifies the SystemMediaTransportControls playback rate.

PropertyChanged PropertyChanged PropertyChanged PropertyChanged PropertyChanged

Occurs when a property on the SystemMediaTransportControls has changed.

ShuffleEnabledChangeRequested ShuffleEnabledChangeRequested ShuffleEnabledChangeRequested ShuffleEnabledChangeRequested ShuffleEnabledChangeRequested

Occurs when the user modifies the SystemMediaTransportControls shuffle state.

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