System​Media​Transport​Controls​Display​Updater System​Media​Transport​Controls​Display​Updater System​Media​Transport​Controls​Display​Updater Class


Provides functionality to update the music information that is displayed on the SystemMediaTransportControls.

public : sealed class SystemMediaTransportControlsDisplayUpdater : ISystemMediaTransportControlsDisplayUpdaterpublic sealed class SystemMediaTransportControlsDisplayUpdater : ISystemMediaTransportControlsDisplayUpdaterPublic NotInheritable Class SystemMediaTransportControlsDisplayUpdater Implements ISystemMediaTransportControlsDisplayUpdater
Windows 10 requirements
Device family
Windows 10 (introduced v10.0.10240.0)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v1)


Starting with Windows 10, version 1607, UWP apps that use the MediaPlayer class to play media are automatically integrated with the SMTC by default. With automatic integration, you update the media metadata, such as the title of a media item, using the MediaPlaybackItem class. Call GetDisplayProperties to get an instance of the MediaItemDisplayProperties class. Update the object with the values you want to be displayed for the item in the SMTC and then call ApplyDisplayProperties to commit the changes. For how-to guidance on using the SMTC from your app, see Integrate with the SystemMediaTransportControls.

If you are disabling manual SMTC integration or you are targeting an older version of Windows, you must use the SystemMediaTransportControls.DisplayUpdater to update the media metadata. For how-to guidance on manually controlling the SMTC, see Manual control of the System Media Transport Controls.


AppMediaId AppMediaId AppMediaId

Gets or sets the media id of the app.

public : PlatForm::String AppMediaId { get; set; }public string AppMediaId { get; set; }Public ReadWrite Property AppMediaId As string
PlatForm::String string string

The media id.


ImageProperties ImageProperties ImageProperties

Gets the image properties associated with the currently playing media.

public : ImageDisplayProperties ImageProperties { get; }public ImageDisplayProperties ImageProperties { get; }Public ReadOnly Property ImageProperties As ImageDisplayProperties

MusicProperties MusicProperties MusicProperties

Gets the music properties associated with the currently playing media.

public : MusicDisplayProperties MusicProperties { get; }public MusicDisplayProperties MusicProperties { get; }Public ReadOnly Property MusicProperties As MusicDisplayProperties

Thumbnail Thumbnail Thumbnail

Gets or sets thumbnail image associated with the currently playing media.

public : RandomAccessStreamReference Thumbnail { get; set; }public RandomAccessStreamReference Thumbnail { get; set; }Public ReadWrite Property Thumbnail As RandomAccessStreamReference

Type Type Type

Gets or sets the type of media.

public : MediaPlaybackType Type { get; set; }public MediaPlaybackType Type { get; set; }Public ReadWrite Property Type As MediaPlaybackType

VideoProperties VideoProperties VideoProperties

Gets the video properties associated with the currently playing media.

public : VideoDisplayProperties VideoProperties { get; }public VideoDisplayProperties VideoProperties { get; }Public ReadOnly Property VideoProperties As VideoDisplayProperties


ClearAll() ClearAll() ClearAll()

Clears out all of the media metadata.

public : void ClearAll()public void ClearAll()Public Function ClearAll() As void

CopyFromFileAsync(MediaPlaybackType, StorageFile) CopyFromFileAsync(MediaPlaybackType, StorageFile) CopyFromFileAsync(MediaPlaybackType, StorageFile)

Initialize the media properties using the specified file.

public : IAsyncOperation<PlatForm::Boolean> CopyFromFileAsync(MediaPlaybackType type, StorageFile source)public IAsyncOperation<bool> CopyFromFileAsync(MediaPlaybackType type, StorageFile source)Public Function CopyFromFileAsync(type As MediaPlaybackType, source As StorageFile) As IAsyncOperation( Of bool )
StorageFile StorageFile StorageFile

The file to initialize the media properties.

IAsyncOperation<PlatForm::Boolean> IAsyncOperation<bool> IAsyncOperation<bool>

When this method completes, it returns a boolean value that indicates true if the operation succeeded; otherwise, false.


Update() Update() Update()

Updates the metadata for the currently playing media.

public : void Update()public void Update()Public Function Update() As void

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