Windows.Perception.Spatial Windows.Perception.Spatial Windows.Perception.Spatial Windows.Perception.Spatial Namespace

Contains classes for reasoning about the spatial relationships within the user's surroundings.


SpatialAnchor SpatialAnchor SpatialAnchor SpatialAnchor

Represents a coordinate system that is strongly anchored to a point in the user's surroundings.

SpatialAnchorManager SpatialAnchorManager SpatialAnchorManager SpatialAnchorManager

Static methods for getting the spatial anchor store for the current app.

SpatialAnchorRawCoordinateSystemAdjustedEventArgs SpatialAnchorRawCoordinateSystemAdjustedEventArgs SpatialAnchorRawCoordinateSystemAdjustedEventArgs SpatialAnchorRawCoordinateSystemAdjustedEventArgs

Provides data for the SpatialAnchor.RawCoordinateSystemAdjusted event.

SpatialAnchorStore SpatialAnchorStore SpatialAnchorStore SpatialAnchorStore

Represents a collection of SpatialAnchor objects stored by Windows on behalf of an app.

SpatialAnchorTransferManager SpatialAnchorTransferManager SpatialAnchorTransferManager SpatialAnchorTransferManager

Static methods for transferring spatial anchors between devices, so that both devices can reason about the same locations in their users' surroundings.

SpatialBoundingVolume SpatialBoundingVolume SpatialBoundingVolume SpatialBoundingVolume

Represents a bounding volume of some kind in the user's surroundings, for example, a box, oriented box, sphere or frustum.

SpatialCoordinateSystem SpatialCoordinateSystem SpatialCoordinateSystem SpatialCoordinateSystem

Represents a coordinate system used to reason about the user's surroundings.

SpatialEntity SpatialEntity SpatialEntity SpatialEntity

Represents a physical location in the user's surroundings and its metadata, which an app intends to share with other devices.

SpatialEntityAddedEventArgs SpatialEntityAddedEventArgs SpatialEntityAddedEventArgs SpatialEntityAddedEventArgs

Event data for spatial entity added events.

SpatialEntityRemovedEventArgs SpatialEntityRemovedEventArgs SpatialEntityRemovedEventArgs SpatialEntityRemovedEventArgs

Event data for spatial entity removed events.

SpatialEntityStore SpatialEntityStore SpatialEntityStore SpatialEntityStore

Represents a shared pool of spatial entities, synchronized automatically among the participants in a remote session.

SpatialEntityUpdatedEventArgs SpatialEntityUpdatedEventArgs SpatialEntityUpdatedEventArgs SpatialEntityUpdatedEventArgs

Event data for spatial entity updated events.

SpatialEntityWatcher SpatialEntityWatcher SpatialEntityWatcher SpatialEntityWatcher

Monitors changes to the set of entities that participants add, update, or remove within a spatial entity store, and provides notifications when that set changes.

SpatialLocation SpatialLocation SpatialLocation SpatialLocation

Represents the location of the device in the user's surroundings at a point in time.

SpatialLocator SpatialLocator SpatialLocator SpatialLocator

Provides access to the location of a device that's tracked relative to the user's surroundings, such as a HoloLens or other Mixed Reality headset.

SpatialLocatorAttachedFrameOfReference SpatialLocatorAttachedFrameOfReference SpatialLocatorAttachedFrameOfReference SpatialLocatorAttachedFrameOfReference

Represents a frame of reference that is positionally attached to the device.

SpatialLocatorPositionalTrackingDeactivatingEventArgs SpatialLocatorPositionalTrackingDeactivatingEventArgs SpatialLocatorPositionalTrackingDeactivatingEventArgs SpatialLocatorPositionalTrackingDeactivatingEventArgs

Provides data for the SpatialLocator.PositionalTrackingDeactivating event.

SpatialStageFrameOfReference SpatialStageFrameOfReference SpatialStageFrameOfReference SpatialStageFrameOfReference

Represents a spatial stage, defined by the user to establish the physical space in which they intend to use a Mixed Reality headset.

SpatialStationaryFrameOfReference SpatialStationaryFrameOfReference SpatialStationaryFrameOfReference SpatialStationaryFrameOfReference

Represents a frame of reference that remains stationary relative to the user's surroundings at a point in time.


SpatialBoundingBox SpatialBoundingBox SpatialBoundingBox SpatialBoundingBox

An axis-aligned bounding box in the user's surroundings, with coordinates expressed in meters.

SpatialBoundingFrustum SpatialBoundingFrustum SpatialBoundingFrustum SpatialBoundingFrustum

A bounding frustum in the user's surroundings defined as a set of 6 planes, with coordinates expressed in meters.

SpatialBoundingOrientedBox SpatialBoundingOrientedBox SpatialBoundingOrientedBox SpatialBoundingOrientedBox

An oriented bounding box in the user's surroundings, with coordinates expressed in meters.

SpatialBoundingSphere SpatialBoundingSphere SpatialBoundingSphere SpatialBoundingSphere

A bounding sphere in the user's surroundings, with coordinates expressed in meters.


SpatialEntityWatcherStatus SpatialEntityWatcherStatus SpatialEntityWatcherStatus SpatialEntityWatcherStatus

Describes the state of a SpatialEntityWatcher object.

SpatialLocatability SpatialLocatability SpatialLocatability SpatialLocatability

Indicates the lifecycle state of the device's spatial location system. This lets an app know whether it can reason about the device's orientation or its position in the user's surroundings.

SpatialLookDirectionRange SpatialLookDirectionRange SpatialLookDirectionRange SpatialLookDirectionRange

The extent to which the user can look around with their headset.

SpatialMovementRange SpatialMovementRange SpatialMovementRange SpatialMovementRange

The extent to which the user can move while wearing their headset.

SpatialPerceptionAccessStatus SpatialPerceptionAccessStatus SpatialPerceptionAccessStatus SpatialPerceptionAccessStatus

This enumeration describes an app's ability to see the user's surroundings in ways that require the spatialPerception capability. This includes use of either SpatialSurfaceObserver or SpatialAnchorTransferManager.