KnownContactProperties KnownContactProperties KnownContactProperties KnownContactProperties KnownContactProperties Class


Provides key names for accessing known properties for StoredContact or ContactInformation objects.

public : static class KnownContactProperties
static struct winrt::Windows::Phone::PersonalInformation::KnownContactProperties
public static class KnownContactProperties
Public Shared Class KnownContactProperties
// This class does not provide a public constructor.

Windows 10 requirements

Device family
Windows Mobile Extension SDK (introduced v10.0.10240.0)
API contract
Windows.Phone.PhoneContract (introduced v1)
ID_CAP_CONTACTS [Windows Phone]


Use values of the properties of this class as key names for the collections returned by ContactInformation.GetPropertiesAsync and StoredContact.GetPropertiesAsync.


AdditionalName AdditionalName AdditionalName AdditionalName AdditionalName

Gets the AdditionalName property name.

Address Address Address Address Address

Gets the Address property name.

AlternateMobileTelephone AlternateMobileTelephone AlternateMobileTelephone AlternateMobileTelephone AlternateMobileTelephone

Gets the AlternateMobileTelephone property name.

AlternateTelephone AlternateTelephone AlternateTelephone AlternateTelephone AlternateTelephone

Gets the AlternateTelephone property name.

AlternateWorkTelephone AlternateWorkTelephone AlternateWorkTelephone AlternateWorkTelephone AlternateWorkTelephone

Gets the AlternateWorkTelephone property name.

Anniversary Anniversary Anniversary Anniversary Anniversary

Gets the Anniversary property name.

Birthdate Birthdate Birthdate Birthdate Birthdate

Gets the Birthdate property name.

Children Children Children Children Children

Gets the Children property name.

CompanyName CompanyName CompanyName CompanyName CompanyName

Gets the CompanyName property name.

CompanyTelephone CompanyTelephone CompanyTelephone CompanyTelephone CompanyTelephone

Gets the CompanyTelephone property name.

DisplayName DisplayName DisplayName DisplayName DisplayName

Gets the DisplayName property name.

Email Email Email Email Email

Gets the Email property name.

FamilyName FamilyName FamilyName FamilyName FamilyName

Gets the FamilyName property name.

GivenName GivenName GivenName GivenName GivenName

Gets the GivenName property name.

HomeFax HomeFax HomeFax HomeFax HomeFax

Gets the HomeFax property name.

HonorificPrefix HonorificPrefix HonorificPrefix HonorificPrefix HonorificPrefix

Gets the HonorificPrefix property name.

HonorificSuffix HonorificSuffix HonorificSuffix HonorificSuffix HonorificSuffix

Gets the HonorificSuffix property name.

JobTitle JobTitle JobTitle JobTitle JobTitle

Gets the JobTitle property name.

Manager Manager Manager Manager Manager

Gets the Manager property name.

MobileTelephone MobileTelephone MobileTelephone MobileTelephone MobileTelephone

Gets the MobileTelephone property name.

Nickname Nickname Nickname Nickname Nickname

Gets the Nickname property name.

Notes Notes Notes Notes Notes

Gets the Notes property name.

OfficeLocation OfficeLocation OfficeLocation OfficeLocation OfficeLocation

Gets the OfficeLocation property name.

OtherAddress OtherAddress OtherAddress OtherAddress OtherAddress

Gets the OtherAddress property name.

OtherEmail OtherEmail OtherEmail OtherEmail OtherEmail

Gets the OtherEmail property name.

SignificantOther SignificantOther SignificantOther SignificantOther SignificantOther

Gets the SignificantOther property name.

Telephone Telephone Telephone Telephone Telephone

Gets the Telephone property name.

Url Url Url Url Url

Gets the Url property name.

WorkAddress WorkAddress WorkAddress WorkAddress WorkAddress

Gets the WorkAddress property name.

WorkEmail WorkEmail WorkEmail WorkEmail WorkEmail

Gets the WorkEmail property name.

WorkFax WorkFax WorkFax WorkFax WorkFax

Gets the WorkFax property name.

WorkTelephone WorkTelephone WorkTelephone WorkTelephone WorkTelephone

Gets the WorkTelephone property name.

YomiCompanyName YomiCompanyName YomiCompanyName YomiCompanyName YomiCompanyName

Gets the YomiCompanyName property name.

YomiFamilyName YomiFamilyName YomiFamilyName YomiFamilyName YomiFamilyName

Gets the YomiFamilyName property name.

YomiGivenName YomiGivenName YomiGivenName YomiGivenName YomiGivenName

Gets the YomiGivenName property name.

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