FolderPicker FolderPicker FolderPicker FolderPicker FolderPicker Class


Represents a UI element that lets the user choose folders.

public : sealed class FolderPicker : IFolderPicker, IFolderPicker2
struct winrt::Windows::Storage::Pickers::FolderPicker : IFolderPicker, IFolderPicker2
public sealed class FolderPicker : IFolderPicker, IFolderPicker2
Public NotInheritable Class FolderPicker Implements IFolderPicker, IFolderPicker2
var folderPicker = new folderPicker();

Windows 10 requirements

Device family
Windows 10 (introduced v10.0.10240.0 - for Xbox, see UWP features that aren't yet supported on Xbox)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v1)


To get started accessing files and folders file picker, see Open files and folders with a picker.


FolderPicker() FolderPicker() FolderPicker() FolderPicker() FolderPicker()

Creates a new instance of a FolderPicker.


CommitButtonText CommitButtonText CommitButtonText CommitButtonText CommitButtonText

Gets or sets the label text of the folder picker's commit button.

ContinuationData ContinuationData ContinuationData ContinuationData ContinuationData

Gets a set of values to be populated by the app before a PickFolderAndContinue operation that deactivates the app in order to provide context when the app is activated. (Windows Phone 8.x app)

FileTypeFilter FileTypeFilter FileTypeFilter FileTypeFilter FileTypeFilter

Gets the collection of file types that the folder picker displays.

SettingsIdentifier SettingsIdentifier SettingsIdentifier SettingsIdentifier SettingsIdentifier

Gets or sets the settings identifier associated with the with the current FolderPicker instance.

SuggestedStartLocation SuggestedStartLocation SuggestedStartLocation SuggestedStartLocation SuggestedStartLocation

Gets or sets the initial location where the folder picker looks for folders to present to the user.

ViewMode ViewMode ViewMode ViewMode ViewMode

Gets or sets the view mode that the folder picker uses to display items.


PickFolderAndContinue() PickFolderAndContinue() PickFolderAndContinue() PickFolderAndContinue() PickFolderAndContinue()

Obsolete as of Windows 10; use PickSingleFolderAsync instead. Shows the file picker so that the user can pick a folder, deactivating and the app and reactivating it when the operation is complete. (Windows Phone 8.x app)

PickSingleFolderAsync() PickSingleFolderAsync() PickSingleFolderAsync() PickSingleFolderAsync() PickSingleFolderAsync()

Shows the folderPicker object so that the user can pick a folder. (UWP app)


You must specify the FileTypeFilter before calling this method, or it will throw an exception. To list all folders, use "*" as the filter.

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