CubicBezierEasingFunction CubicBezierEasingFunction CubicBezierEasingFunction CubicBezierEasingFunction Class


Represents a cubic-bezier function for interpolating between animation key frames.

The cubic-bezier function is one of the more common easing functions used with KeyFrameAnimation s and are used frequently to describe smooth curves that can be scaled. Cubic-bezier functions are defined by two “control points” of type Vector2 that define the shape of the curve. When used, the animating property will change in between two keyframes based on the defined curve.

public : sealed class CubicBezierEasingFunction : CompositionEasingFunction, ICubicBezierEasingFunction
struct winrt::Windows::UI::Composition::CubicBezierEasingFunction : CompositionEasingFunction, ICubicBezierEasingFunction
public sealed class CubicBezierEasingFunction : CompositionEasingFunction, ICubicBezierEasingFunction
Public NotInheritable Class CubicBezierEasingFunction Inherits CompositionEasingFunction Implements ICubicBezierEasingFunction
Windows 10 requirements
Device family
Windows 10 (introduced v10.0.10240.0)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v1)


// Construct the cubic-bezier off your Compositor
CubicBezierEasingFunction cubicBezier = _compositor.CreateCubicBezierEasingFunction(new Vector2(.17f, .67f), new Vector2(1f, 1f));
ScalarKeyFrameAnimation animation = _compositor.CreateScalarKeyFrameAnimation();

// Apply the cubic-bezier to a KeyFrame
animation.InsertKeyFrame(0.0f, 1.0f);


There are numerous web services like this one that allow you to visualize how the two control points affect the shape of the cubic-bezier. The values you define here are the same values that get inputted into each Vector2 component.


Comment Comment Comment Comment

A string to associate with the CompositionObject.

(Inherited from CompositionObject)
Compositor Compositor Compositor Compositor

The Compositor used to create this CompositionObject.

(Inherited from CompositionObject)
ControlPoint1 ControlPoint1 ControlPoint1 ControlPoint1

The first control point for the cubic-bezier interpolation function.

ControlPoint2 ControlPoint2 ControlPoint2 ControlPoint2

The second control point for the cubic-bezier interpolation function.

Dispatcher Dispatcher Dispatcher Dispatcher

The dispatcher for the CompositionObject.

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DispatcherQueue DispatcherQueue DispatcherQueue DispatcherQueue

Gets the DispatcherQueue for the CompostionObject.

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ImplicitAnimations ImplicitAnimations ImplicitAnimations ImplicitAnimations

The collection of implicit animations attached to this object.

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Properties Properties Properties Properties

The collection of properties associated with the CompositionObject.

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Close Close Close Close

Closes the CompositionObject and releases system resources.

(Inherited from CompositionObject)
StartAnimation(String,CompositionAnimation) StartAnimation(String,CompositionAnimation) StartAnimation(String,CompositionAnimation) StartAnimation(String,CompositionAnimation)

Connects an animation with the specified property of the object and starts the animation.

(Inherited from CompositionObject)
StartAnimationGroup(ICompositionAnimationBase) StartAnimationGroup(ICompositionAnimationBase) StartAnimationGroup(ICompositionAnimationBase) StartAnimationGroup(ICompositionAnimationBase)

Starts an animation group.

The StartAnimationGroup method on CompositionObject lets you start CompositionAnimationGroup. All the animations in the group will be started at the same time on the object.

(Inherited from CompositionObject)
StopAnimation(String) StopAnimation(String) StopAnimation(String) StopAnimation(String)

Disconnects an animation from the specified property and stops the animation.

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StopAnimationGroup(ICompositionAnimationBase) StopAnimationGroup(ICompositionAnimationBase) StopAnimationGroup(ICompositionAnimationBase) StopAnimationGroup(ICompositionAnimationBase)

Stops an animation group.

(Inherited from CompositionObject)
TryGetAnimationController(String) TryGetAnimationController(String) TryGetAnimationController(String) TryGetAnimationController(String)

Returns an AnimationController for the animation running on the specified property.

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