Windows.UI.Core.AnimationMetrics Windows.UI.Core.AnimationMetrics Windows.UI.Core.AnimationMetrics Windows.UI.Core.AnimationMetrics Windows.UI.Core.AnimationMetrics Namespace

The classes and their properties that are exposed through this namespace retrieve the raw scaling, translation, and opacity parameters used in Windows animations . These parameters include such metrics as the animation type, stagger delay, z-order, duration, initial and final opacity, initial and final scale factors, and cubic Bezier control points, among others. This information enables developers of apps and application frameworks to create custom animations that are consistent with both Windows itself and with other apps that use Windows animations.


AnimationDescription AnimationDescription AnimationDescription AnimationDescription AnimationDescription

Exposes a collection of individual animation effects that are performed on a specific target to make up a complete Windows opacity, scaling, or translation animation.

OpacityAnimation OpacityAnimation OpacityAnimation OpacityAnimation OpacityAnimation

Provides methods that enable you to retrieve the parameters of an opacity (fade in or fade out) animation.

PropertyAnimation PropertyAnimation PropertyAnimation PropertyAnimation PropertyAnimation

Provides methods that enable you to retrieve animation property values that are common to all property animation types.

ScaleAnimation ScaleAnimation ScaleAnimation ScaleAnimation ScaleAnimation

Provides methods that enable you to retrieve the parameters for a scaling (growing or shrinking) animation.

TranslationAnimation TranslationAnimation TranslationAnimation TranslationAnimation TranslationAnimation

Provides methods that enable you to retrieve the parameters for a translation (move to a new location) animation.


IPropertyAnimation IPropertyAnimation IPropertyAnimation IPropertyAnimation IPropertyAnimation

Describes properties of animations that are common to all animation effects.


AnimationEffect AnimationEffect AnimationEffect AnimationEffect AnimationEffect

Specifies an animation.

AnimationEffectTarget AnimationEffectTarget AnimationEffectTarget AnimationEffectTarget AnimationEffectTarget

Specifies a participant in an animation.

PropertyAnimationType PropertyAnimationType PropertyAnimationType PropertyAnimationType PropertyAnimationType

Specifies the animation type represented by a PropertyAnimation object.

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