Windows.UI.Input Windows.UI.Input Windows.UI.Input Windows.UI.Input Windows.UI.Input Namespace

Provides support for the Windows input system. This includes:

  • Touch, pen/stylus, mouse, and keyboard device input.
  • Gesture and manipulation detection, recognition, and handling.
  • Inertia configuration, detection, and handling.
  • Input pointer management.


AttachableInputObject AttachableInputObject AttachableInputObject AttachableInputObject AttachableInputObject

Base class for an InputActivationListener object associated with a window, view, or other visual element.

CrossSlidingEventArgs CrossSlidingEventArgs CrossSlidingEventArgs CrossSlidingEventArgs CrossSlidingEventArgs

Contains event data for the CrossSliding event.

DraggingEventArgs DraggingEventArgs DraggingEventArgs DraggingEventArgs DraggingEventArgs

Contains event data for the Dragging event.

EdgeGesture EdgeGesture EdgeGesture EdgeGesture EdgeGesture

Provides access to the events that notify an app of triggers to its edge-based UI.

EdgeGestureEventArgs EdgeGestureEventArgs EdgeGestureEventArgs EdgeGestureEventArgs EdgeGestureEventArgs

Provides access to the type of user input that triggered the edge gesture event.

GestureRecognizer GestureRecognizer GestureRecognizer GestureRecognizer GestureRecognizer

Provides gesture and manipulation recognition, event listeners, and settings.

HoldingEventArgs HoldingEventArgs HoldingEventArgs HoldingEventArgs HoldingEventArgs

Contains event data for the Holding event.

InputActivationListener InputActivationListener InputActivationListener InputActivationListener InputActivationListener

Provides the ability to access and observe changes to the activation state of a window, view, or other visual element.

InputActivationListenerActivationChangedEventArgs InputActivationListenerActivationChangedEventArgs InputActivationListenerActivationChangedEventArgs InputActivationListenerActivationChangedEventArgs InputActivationListenerActivationChangedEventArgs

Contains event data for the InputActivationChanged event.

KeyboardDeliveryInterceptor KeyboardDeliveryInterceptor KeyboardDeliveryInterceptor KeyboardDeliveryInterceptor KeyboardDeliveryInterceptor

Enables an app to override the system processing of raw keyboard input, including key combinations such as shortcut keys, access keys (or hot keys), accelerator keys, and application keys.

The raw keyboard input is intercepted, suppressed, and routed to the app (when in the foreground) for processing.


Secure attention sequence (SAS) key combinations, including Ctrl-Alt-Del and Windows-L, continue to be processed by the system.

ManipulationCompletedEventArgs ManipulationCompletedEventArgs ManipulationCompletedEventArgs ManipulationCompletedEventArgs ManipulationCompletedEventArgs

Contains event data for the ManipulationCompleted event.

ManipulationInertiaStartingEventArgs ManipulationInertiaStartingEventArgs ManipulationInertiaStartingEventArgs ManipulationInertiaStartingEventArgs ManipulationInertiaStartingEventArgs

Contains event data for the GestureRecognizer.ManipulationInertiaStartingEvent.

ManipulationStartedEventArgs ManipulationStartedEventArgs ManipulationStartedEventArgs ManipulationStartedEventArgs ManipulationStartedEventArgs

Contains event data for the ManipulationStarted event.

ManipulationUpdatedEventArgs ManipulationUpdatedEventArgs ManipulationUpdatedEventArgs ManipulationUpdatedEventArgs ManipulationUpdatedEventArgs

Contains event data for the ManipulationUpdated event.

MouseWheelParameters MouseWheelParameters MouseWheelParameters MouseWheelParameters MouseWheelParameters

Provides properties associated with the button wheel of a mouse device.

PointerPoint PointerPoint PointerPoint PointerPoint PointerPoint

Provides basic properties for the input pointer associated with a single mouse, pen/stylus, or touch contact.

PointerPointProperties PointerPointProperties PointerPointProperties PointerPointProperties PointerPointProperties

Provides extended properties for a PointerPoint object.

In most cases, we recommend that you obtain pointer info through the pointer event handlers of your chosen Windows 8 language framework (Windows app using JavaScript, UWP app using C++, C#, or Visual Basic, or UWP app using DirectX with C++).

If the event argument doesn't expose the pointer details required by your app, you can get access to extended pointer data from the event argument through the getCurrentPoint and getIntermediatePoints methods or currentPoint and intermediatePoints properties. We recommend using the getCurrentPoint and getIntermediatePoints methods as you can specify the context of the pointer data.

The static PointerPoint methods, GetCurrentPoint and GetIntermediatePoints, always use the context of the app.

PointerVisualizationSettings PointerVisualizationSettings PointerVisualizationSettings PointerVisualizationSettings PointerVisualizationSettings

Provides access to the visual feedback settings for pointer input.


Pointer visualizations are supported by the Desktop device family only.

RadialController RadialController RadialController RadialController RadialController

Represents a wheel input device or accessory such as the Surface Dial.


Wheel devices are a new category of input device (supported in Windows 10, version 1607 and newer).

Surface Dial with Surface Studio and Pen

With a form factor based on a rotate action (or gesture), the Surface Dial is intended as a secondary, multi-modal input device that complements input from a primary device. In most cases, the device is manipulated by a user's non-dominant hand while performing a task with their dominant hand (such as inking with a pen). It is not designed for precision pointer input (like touch, pen, or mouse).

The Surface Dial also supports both a press and hold action and a click action. Press and hold has a single function: display a menu of commands. If the menu is active, the rotate and click input is processed by the menu. Otherwise, the input is passed to your app for processing.

The RadialController and related APIs (see end of topic) enable you to customize both the integrated command menu and the interaction experience supported by your app.

RadialControllerButtonClickedEventArgs RadialControllerButtonClickedEventArgs RadialControllerButtonClickedEventArgs RadialControllerButtonClickedEventArgs RadialControllerButtonClickedEventArgs

Contains event data for the ButtonClicked event (fired only while a custom RadialController tool is active).

Your app does not receive this event when:


When a time threshold is crossed, click becomes a press and hold action. In this case, the integrated menu of contextual app commands associated with the wheel device is displayed, and subsequent rotate and click events are processed by the menu.

RadialControllerButtonHoldingEventArgs RadialControllerButtonHoldingEventArgs RadialControllerButtonHoldingEventArgs RadialControllerButtonHoldingEventArgs RadialControllerButtonHoldingEventArgs

Contains event data for the ButtonHolding event (fired only when IsMenuSuppressed is true).

RadialControllerButtonPressedEventArgs RadialControllerButtonPressedEventArgs RadialControllerButtonPressedEventArgs RadialControllerButtonPressedEventArgs RadialControllerButtonPressedEventArgs

Contains event data for the ButtonPressed event.

RadialControllerButtonReleasedEventArgs RadialControllerButtonReleasedEventArgs RadialControllerButtonReleasedEventArgs RadialControllerButtonReleasedEventArgs RadialControllerButtonReleasedEventArgs

Contains event data for the ButtonReleased event.

RadialControllerConfiguration RadialControllerConfiguration RadialControllerConfiguration RadialControllerConfiguration RadialControllerConfiguration

Provides configuration details for the RadialController menu.

RadialControllerControlAcquiredEventArgs RadialControllerControlAcquiredEventArgs RadialControllerControlAcquiredEventArgs RadialControllerControlAcquiredEventArgs RadialControllerControlAcquiredEventArgs

Contains event data for the ControlAcquired event when a custom tool is selected from the RadialController menu, or when an app associated with the RadialController object is brought to the foreground (fired only while a custom RadialController tool is active).

RadialControllerMenu RadialControllerMenu RadialControllerMenu RadialControllerMenu RadialControllerMenu

Represents the integrated menu of contextual tools associated with the RadialController object.


Tools added to a RadialController menu in support of a specific app context are only displayed in that context. They are not displayed for other RadialController instances.

RadialControllerMenuItem RadialControllerMenuItem RadialControllerMenuItem RadialControllerMenuItem RadialControllerMenuItem

Represents a single custom tool from the RadialController menu.

RadialControllerRotationChangedEventArgs RadialControllerRotationChangedEventArgs RadialControllerRotationChangedEventArgs RadialControllerRotationChangedEventArgs RadialControllerRotationChangedEventArgs

Contains event data for the RotationChanged event (fired only while a custom RadialController tool is active).

Your app does not receive this event when:

RadialControllerScreenContact RadialControllerScreenContact RadialControllerScreenContact RadialControllerScreenContact RadialControllerScreenContact

Provides contact details for the wheel device when placed on the digitizer surface, while a custom RadialController tool is active.

In device-independent pixel (DIP), relative to the application window.

RadialControllerScreenContactContinuedEventArgs RadialControllerScreenContactContinuedEventArgs RadialControllerScreenContactContinuedEventArgs RadialControllerScreenContactContinuedEventArgs RadialControllerScreenContactContinuedEventArgs

Contains event data for the ScreenContactContinued event (fired only while a custom RadialController tool is active).

Your app does not receive this event when:

RadialControllerScreenContactEndedEventArgs RadialControllerScreenContactEndedEventArgs RadialControllerScreenContactEndedEventArgs RadialControllerScreenContactEndedEventArgs RadialControllerScreenContactEndedEventArgs

Contains event data for the ScreenContactEnded event (fired only while a custom RadialController tool is active).

Your app does not receive this event when:

RadialControllerScreenContactStartedEventArgs RadialControllerScreenContactStartedEventArgs RadialControllerScreenContactStartedEventArgs RadialControllerScreenContactStartedEventArgs RadialControllerScreenContactStartedEventArgs

Contains event data for the ScreenContactStarted event (fired only while a custom RadialController tool is active).

Your app does not receive this event when:

RightTappedEventArgs RightTappedEventArgs RightTappedEventArgs RightTappedEventArgs RightTappedEventArgs

Contains event data for the RightTapped event.

TappedEventArgs TappedEventArgs TappedEventArgs TappedEventArgs TappedEventArgs

Contains event data for the Tapped event.


CrossSlideThresholds CrossSlideThresholds CrossSlideThresholds CrossSlideThresholds CrossSlideThresholds

Contains the distance thresholds for a CrossSliding interaction.

ManipulationDelta ManipulationDelta ManipulationDelta ManipulationDelta ManipulationDelta

Contains the accumulated transformations for the current manipulation.

ManipulationVelocities ManipulationVelocities ManipulationVelocities ManipulationVelocities ManipulationVelocities

Contains the velocities of the accumulated transformations for the current interaction.


Velocity is the distance an object travels in a specified direction during a unit of time.


IPointerPointTransform IPointerPointTransform IPointerPointTransform IPointerPointTransform IPointerPointTransform

Provides generalized transformation functions.


CrossSlidingState CrossSlidingState CrossSlidingState CrossSlidingState CrossSlidingState

Specifies the possible states of the CrossSliding event.

DraggingState DraggingState DraggingState DraggingState DraggingState

Specifies the possible states of the Dragging event.

EdgeGestureKind EdgeGestureKind EdgeGestureKind EdgeGestureKind EdgeGestureKind

Specifies the type of user input that triggered the edge gesture event.

GazeInputAccessStatus GazeInputAccessStatus GazeInputAccessStatus GazeInputAccessStatus GazeInputAccessStatus

Specifies the permission state for tracking the user's gaze.

GestureSettings GestureSettings GestureSettings GestureSettings GestureSettings

Specifies the interactions that are supported by an application.

HoldingState HoldingState HoldingState HoldingState HoldingState

Specifies the state of the Holding event.

InputActivationState InputActivationState InputActivationState InputActivationState InputActivationState

Specifies all possible activation states for a view, window, or other user interface element.

PointerUpdateKind PointerUpdateKind PointerUpdateKind PointerUpdateKind PointerUpdateKind

Specifies the types of pointer updates that are supported by an application.

RadialControllerMenuKnownIcon RadialControllerMenuKnownIcon RadialControllerMenuKnownIcon RadialControllerMenuKnownIcon RadialControllerMenuKnownIcon

Specifies the set of system icons available for a custom RadialController tool on the RadialControllerMenu.

RadialControllerSystemMenuItemKind RadialControllerSystemMenuItemKind RadialControllerSystemMenuItemKind RadialControllerSystemMenuItemKind RadialControllerSystemMenuItemKind

Specifies the set of built-in RadialController tools available on the RadialControllerMenu.

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