InkRecognizer InkRecognizer InkRecognizer InkRecognizer Class


Manages all aspects of handwriting recognition.

public : sealed class InkRecognizer : IInkRecognizer
public sealed class InkRecognizer : IInkRecognizer
Public NotInheritable Class InkRecognizer Implements IInkRecognizer
// This class does not provide a public constructor.
Windows 10 requirements
Device family
Windows 10 (introduced v10.0.10240.0 - for Xbox, see UWP features that aren't yet supported on Xbox)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v1)


JavaScript (usage)
var inkRecognizers = Windows.UI.Input.Inking.InkManager.getRecognizers(); var inkRecognizer = inkRecognizers[...];
var inkRecognizers = Windows.UI.Input.Inking.inkRecognizerContainer.getRecognizers(); var inkRecognizer = inkRecognizers[...];


: This class is not agile, which means that you need to consider its threading model and marshaling behavior. For more info, see Threading and Marshaling (C++/CX) and Using Windows Runtime objects in a multithreaded environment (.NET).


Name Name Name Name

Gets the name of the InkRecognizer object.

public : Platform::String Name { get; }
public string Name { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property Name As string
var string =;
Platform::String string string string

The name.


The following table lists the languages supported by the InkRecognizer object. The second column contains the possible values for Name.

IETF language tagNameCoverage
af-ZAMicrosoft Afrikaans HandskrifherkennerAfrikaans in all locations
bs-Latn-BAMicrosoft prepoznavatelj rukopisa za bosanski (latinica)Bosnian, in Latin, in all locations
caReconeixedor d'escriptura manual en català de MicrosoftCatalan in all locations
csMicrosoft rozpoznávač rukopisu pro český jazykCzech in all locations
daMicrosoft Genkendelse af dansk håndskriftDanish in all locations
de-CHMicrosoft-Handschrifterkennung - Deutsch (Schweiz)German in Switzerland and Liechtenstein
de-DEMicrosoft-Handschrifterkennung - DeutschGerman in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, and Namibia
el-GRMicrosoft Αναγνώριση γραφικού χαρακτήραGreek in Greece
en-AUMicrosoft English (Australia) Handwriting RecognizerEnglish in Australia
en-CAMicrosoft English (Canada) Handwriting RecognizerEnglish in Canada
eu-ESMicrosoft-en euskarazko eskuzko idazkeraren identifikatzaileaBasque in all locations
en-GBMicrosoft English (UK) Handwriting RecognizerEnglish in the United Kingdom, and all other locations not specified in this table
en-INMicrosoft English (India) Handwriting RecognizerEnglish in India
en-USMicrosoft English (US) Handwriting RecognizerEnglish in the U.S. and the Philippines
es-ARReconocedor de escritura en Español (Argentina) de MicrosoftSpanish in Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay
es-ESReconocimiento de escritura a mano en español de MicrosoftSpanish in Spain, and all other locations not specified in this table
es-MXReconocedor de escritura en Español (México) de MicrosoftSpanish in Mexico and the United States
fiMicrosoftin suomenkielinen käsinkirjoituksen tunnistusFinnish in all locations
frReconnaissance d'écriture Microsoft - FrançaisFrench in France, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, and all other locations
hrMicrosoftov hrvatski rukopisni prepoznavačCroatian in all locations
ga-IEAitheantóir Lámhscríbhneoireachta Gaeilge MicrosoftIrish in all locations
gd-GBAithnichear làmh-sgrìobhaidh Ghàidhlig le MicrosoftScottish Gaelic in all locations
gl-ESRecoñecedor de escritura a man en galego de MicrosoftGalician in all locations
jaMicrosoft 日本語手書き認識エンジンJapanese in all locations
lb-LUMicrosoft-Handschrëfterkennung fir LëtzebuergeschLuxembourgish in all locations
id-IDPengenal Tulisan Tangan Bahasa Indonesia MicrosoftIndonesian in all locations
itRiconoscimento grafia italiana MicrosoftItalian in Italy, Switzerland, and all other locations
koMicrosoft 한글 필기 인식기Korean in all locations
ms-BNPencam Tulis Tangan Bahasa Melayu (Brunei Darussalam) MicrosoftMalay in Brunei Darussalam
ms-MYPengecam Tulisan Tangan Bahasa Melayu (Malaysia) MicrosoftMalay in Malaysia and Singapore
nbMicrosoft Håndskriftsgjenkjenner for norskNorwegian (Bokmal) in all locations
nnMicrosoft Håndskriftsgjenkjenner for nynorskNorwegian (Nynorsk) in all locations
nl-BEMicrosoft Nederlandstalige (België) handschriftherkenningDutch in Belgium (Flemish)
nl-NLMicrosoft Nederlandstalige handschriftherkenningDutch in the Netherlands, Surinam, and the Antilles
plSystem rozpoznawania polskiego pisma odręcznego firmy MicrosoftPolish in all locations
pt-BRReconhecedor de Manuscrito da Microsoft para Português (Brasil)Portuguese in Brazil
pt-PTReconhecedor de escrita manual da Microsoft para portuguêsPortuguese in Portugal, and all other locations
rm-CHMicrosoft identifitgader da rumantsch scrit a maunRomansh in all locations
roMicrosoft recunoaştere grafie - RomânăRomanian in all locations
ruMicrosoft система распознавания русского рукописного вводаRussian in all locations
rw-RWIntahuranyandiko ya Microsoft y'IkinyarwandaKinyarwanda in all locations
sk-SKRozpoznávanie slovenského písaného textu od MicrosoftSlovak in all locations
sl-SLMicrosoftov prepoznavalnik slovenskega rokopisaSlovene in all locations
sq-ALNjohësi i shkrimit të dorës në shqip i MicrosoftAlbanian in all locations
srMicrosoft препознавач рукописа за српски (ћирилица)Serbian, in Cyrillic, in all locations
sr-Cyrl-BAMicrosoft препознавач рукописа за српски (Босна и Херцеговина)Serbian, in Cyrillic, in Bosnia and Herzegovina
sr-Cyrl-MEMicrosoft препознавач рукописа за српски (Црна Гора)Serbian, in Cyrillic, in Montenegro
sr-LatnMicrosoft prepoznavač rukopisa za srpski (latinica)Serbian, in Latin, in all locations
sr-Latn-BAMicrosoft prepoznavač rukopisa za srpski (Bosna i Hercegovina)Serbian, in Latin, in Bosnia and Herzegovina
sr-Latn-MEMicrosoft prepoznavač rukopisa za srpski (Crna Gora)Serbian, in Latin, in Montenegro
svMicrosoft Handskriftstolk för svenskaSwedish in all locations
sw-KEKitamnbuzi cha Mwandiko wa Kiswahili cha MicrosoftSwahili in all locations
tn-ZASelemoga Mokwalo wa Letsogo sa Microsoft ka SetswanaSetswana in all locations
tr-TRMicrosoft Türkiye el yazısı tanıyıcısıTurkish in Turkey
xh-ZAIsichongi sokuBhala ngesandla sesiXhosa se-MicrosoftXhosa in all locations
zhMicrosoft 中文(简体)手写识别器Chinese in simplified script
zh-HantMicrosoft 中文(繁體)手寫辨識器Chinese in traditional script
zu-ZAIsihlonzi Sombhalo Wesandla WesiZulu Se-MicrosoftZulu in all locations
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