FontStretch FontStretch FontStretch FontStretch FontStretch Enum


Describes the degree to which a font has been stretched, compared to the normal aspect ratio of that font.

public : enum class FontStretch
enum class winrt::Windows::UI::Text::FontStretch : int32_t
public enum FontStretch
Public Enum FontStretch
var value = Windows.UI.Text.FontStretch.condensed;
<object property="fontStretchMemberName"/>
Windows 10 requirements
Device family
Windows 10 (introduced v10.0.10240.0)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v1)


Condensed Condensed Condensed Condensed Condensed

A condensed font stretch (75% of normal).

Expanded Expanded Expanded Expanded Expanded

An expanded font stretch (125% of normal).

ExtraCondensed ExtraCondensed ExtraCondensed ExtraCondensed ExtraCondensed

An extra-condensed font stretch (62.5% of normal).

ExtraExpanded ExtraExpanded ExtraExpanded ExtraExpanded ExtraExpanded

An extra-expanded font stretch (150% of normal).

Normal Normal Normal Normal Normal

The normal font stretch that all other font stretch values relate to (100%).

SemiCondensed SemiCondensed SemiCondensed SemiCondensed SemiCondensed

A semi-condensed font stretch (87.5% of normal).

SemiExpanded SemiExpanded SemiExpanded SemiExpanded SemiExpanded

A semi-expanded font stretch (112.5% of normal).

UltraCondensed UltraCondensed UltraCondensed UltraCondensed UltraCondensed

An ultra-condensed font stretch (50% of normal).

UltraExpanded UltraExpanded UltraExpanded UltraExpanded UltraExpanded

An ultra-expanded font stretch (200% of normal).

Undefined Undefined Undefined Undefined Undefined

No defined font stretch.