PageStackEntry PageStackEntry PageStackEntry PageStackEntry Class


Represents an entry in the BackStack or ForwardStack of a Frame.

public : sealed class PageStackEntry : DependencyObject
struct winrt::Windows::UI::Xaml::Navigation::PageStackEntry : DependencyObject
public sealed class PageStackEntry : DependencyObject
Public NotInheritable Class PageStackEntry Inherits DependencyObject

Windows 10 requirements

Device family
Windows 10 (introduced v10.0.10240.0)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v1)


This class contains info about a specific navigation in the history of a Frame. It typically represents entries in the BackStack and ForwardStack as a result of previous Frame navigations. You can also use this class to add new entries to the navigation history for special purposes. For example, when the user navigates to a specific page using a secondary tile, you can add an entry for the app's main page to the BackStack. This will enable the back button on the secondary tile's page so that the user can easily navigate from there to the home page.


PageStackEntry(TypeName, Object, NavigationTransitionInfo) PageStackEntry(TypeName, Object, NavigationTransitionInfo) PageStackEntry(TypeName, Object, NavigationTransitionInfo) PageStackEntry(TypeName, Object, NavigationTransitionInfo)

Initializes a new instance of the PageStackEntry class.


Dispatcher Dispatcher Dispatcher Dispatcher

Gets the CoreDispatcher that this object is associated with. The CoreDispatcher represents a facility that can access the DependencyObject on the UI thread even if the code is initiated by a non-UI thread.

(Inherited from DependencyObject)
NavigationTransitionInfo NavigationTransitionInfo NavigationTransitionInfo NavigationTransitionInfo

Gets a value that indicates the animated transition associated with the navigation entry.

Parameter Parameter Parameter Parameter

Gets the navigation parameter associated with this navigation entry.

SourcePageType SourcePageType SourcePageType SourcePageType

Gets the type of page associated with this navigation entry.

SourcePageTypeProperty SourcePageTypeProperty SourcePageTypeProperty SourcePageTypeProperty

Identifies the SourcePageType dependency property.


ClearValue(DependencyProperty) ClearValue(DependencyProperty) ClearValue(DependencyProperty) ClearValue(DependencyProperty)

Clears the local value of a dependency property.

(Inherited from DependencyObject)
GetAnimationBaseValue(DependencyProperty) GetAnimationBaseValue(DependencyProperty) GetAnimationBaseValue(DependencyProperty) GetAnimationBaseValue(DependencyProperty)

Returns any base value established for a dependency property, which would apply in cases where an animation is not active.

(Inherited from DependencyObject)
GetValue(DependencyProperty) GetValue(DependencyProperty) GetValue(DependencyProperty) GetValue(DependencyProperty)

Returns the current effective value of a dependency property from a DependencyObject.

(Inherited from DependencyObject)
ReadLocalValue(DependencyProperty) ReadLocalValue(DependencyProperty) ReadLocalValue(DependencyProperty) ReadLocalValue(DependencyProperty)

Returns the local value of a dependency property, if a local value is set.

(Inherited from DependencyObject)
RegisterPropertyChangedCallback(DependencyProperty,DependencyPropertyChangedCallback) RegisterPropertyChangedCallback(DependencyProperty,DependencyPropertyChangedCallback) RegisterPropertyChangedCallback(DependencyProperty,DependencyPropertyChangedCallback) RegisterPropertyChangedCallback(DependencyProperty,DependencyPropertyChangedCallback)

Registers a notification function for listening to changes to a specific DependencyProperty on this DependencyObject instance.

(Inherited from DependencyObject)
SetValue(DependencyProperty,Object) SetValue(DependencyProperty,Object) SetValue(DependencyProperty,Object) SetValue(DependencyProperty,Object)

Sets the local value of a dependency property on a DependencyObject.

(Inherited from DependencyObject)
UnregisterPropertyChangedCallback(DependencyProperty,Int64) UnregisterPropertyChangedCallback(DependencyProperty,Int64) UnregisterPropertyChangedCallback(DependencyProperty,Int64) UnregisterPropertyChangedCallback(DependencyProperty,Int64)

Cancels a change notification that was previously registered by calling RegisterPropertyChangedCallback.

(Inherited from DependencyObject)

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