SyndicationGenerator SyndicationGenerator SyndicationGenerator SyndicationGenerator SyndicationGenerator Class


Describes the agent or the tool used to generate the feed. This class encapsulates information in the /rss/channel/generator element in RSS 2.0 or the /atom:feed/atom:generator element in Atom 1.0.

public : sealed class SyndicationGenerator : ISyndicationNode
struct winrt::Windows::Web::Syndication::SyndicationGenerator : ISyndicationNode
public sealed class SyndicationGenerator : ISyndicationNode
Public NotInheritable Class SyndicationGenerator Implements ISyndicationNode
var syndicationGenerator = new syndicationGenerator();

Windows 10 requirements

Device family
Windows 10 (introduced v10.0.10240.0)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v1)


The following table maps SyndicationGenerator properties to RSS and Atom feed elements.

@Windows.Web.Syndication.SyndicationGenerator.Text?text=Text (node value)(node value)
@Windows.Web.Syndication.SyndicationGenerator.Uri?text=Uri uri (attribute)
@Windows.Web.Syndication.SyndicationGenerator.Version?text=Version version (attribute)


SyndicationGenerator() SyndicationGenerator() SyndicationGenerator() SyndicationGenerator() SyndicationGenerator()

Creates a new SyndicationGenerator object.

SyndicationGenerator(String) SyndicationGenerator(String) SyndicationGenerator(String) SyndicationGenerator(String) SyndicationGenerator(String)

Creates a new SyndicationGenerator object with the specified Text property value.


AttributeExtensions AttributeExtensions AttributeExtensions AttributeExtensions AttributeExtensions

Gets the list of custom attributes of the element.

BaseUri BaseUri BaseUri BaseUri BaseUri

Gets or sets the base URI for the element. This property represents the xml:base attribute on the element. It may be inherited from an ancestor element.

ElementExtensions ElementExtensions ElementExtensions ElementExtensions ElementExtensions

Gets the list of child elements within the element.

Language Language Language Language Language

Gets or sets the language of the element. This property represents the xml:lang attribute on the element. It may be inherited from an ancestor element. It must be valid according to XML 1.0.

NodeName NodeName NodeName NodeName NodeName

Gets or sets the local name of the element.

NodeNamespace NodeNamespace NodeNamespace NodeNamespace NodeNamespace

Gets or sets the namespace of the element.

NodeValue NodeValue NodeValue NodeValue NodeValue

Gets or sets the text content of the element. If the element contains only child elements, this property is NULL.

Text Text Text Text Text

Gets or sets the text that identifies the generator.

Uri Uri Uri Uri Uri

Gets or sets the Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) of the syndication generator.

Version Version Version Version Version

Gets or sets the version of the generator.


GetXmlDocument(SyndicationFormat) GetXmlDocument(SyndicationFormat) GetXmlDocument(SyndicationFormat) GetXmlDocument(SyndicationFormat) GetXmlDocument(SyndicationFormat)

Generates the DOM object that represents this element, all the attributes and child elements including foreign markups. The only formats accepted by this method are Atom 1.0 and RSS 2.0.

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