AdControl.AdUnitId AdControl.AdUnitId AdControl.AdUnitId AdControl.AdUnitId Property


Gets or sets the ad unit identifier for this AdControl object. This value is available in Windows Dev Center.

public : Platform::String AdUnitId { get; set; }
winrt::hstring AdUnitId();

void AdUnitId(winrt::hstring adunitid);
public string AdUnitId { get; set; }
Public ReadWrite Property AdUnitId As string

Property Value

string string

The ad unit identifier for this AdControl object.


This property can be set only when the AdControl is first initialized. After it is set, this property cannot be modified. If you assign a new value to the AdUnitId property, the assignment will work and the property value will change without throwing an exception. However, after the next ad refresh the ErrorOccurred event will fire indicating that the value cannot be changed.

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