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A teaching tip is a semi-persistent and content-rich flyout that provides contextual information. It is often used for informing, reminding, and teaching users about important and new features that may enhance their experience.

public : class TeachingTip : ContentControl
struct winrt::Microsoft::UI::Xaml::Controls::TeachingTip : ContentControl
public class TeachingTip : ContentControl
Public Class TeachingTip Inherits ContentControl


TeachingTip() TeachingTip() TeachingTip() TeachingTip()


ActionButtonCommand ActionButtonCommand ActionButtonCommand ActionButtonCommand

Gets or sets the command to invoke when the action button is clicked.

ActionButtonCommandParameter ActionButtonCommandParameter ActionButtonCommandParameter ActionButtonCommandParameter

Gets or sets the parameter to pass to the command for the action button.

ActionButtonCommandParameterProperty ActionButtonCommandParameterProperty ActionButtonCommandParameterProperty ActionButtonCommandParameterProperty
ActionButtonCommandProperty ActionButtonCommandProperty ActionButtonCommandProperty ActionButtonCommandProperty
ActionButtonContent ActionButtonContent ActionButtonContent ActionButtonContent

Gets or sets the text of the teaching tip's action button.

ActionButtonContentProperty ActionButtonContentProperty ActionButtonContentProperty ActionButtonContentProperty
ActionButtonStyle ActionButtonStyle ActionButtonStyle ActionButtonStyle

Gets or sets the Style to apply to the action button.

ActionButtonStyleProperty ActionButtonStyleProperty ActionButtonStyleProperty ActionButtonStyleProperty
CloseButtonCommand CloseButtonCommand CloseButtonCommand CloseButtonCommand

Gets or sets the command to invoke when the close button is clicked.

CloseButtonCommandParameter CloseButtonCommandParameter CloseButtonCommandParameter CloseButtonCommandParameter

Gets or sets the parameter to pass to the command for the close button.

CloseButtonCommandParameterProperty CloseButtonCommandParameterProperty CloseButtonCommandParameterProperty CloseButtonCommandParameterProperty
CloseButtonCommandProperty CloseButtonCommandProperty CloseButtonCommandProperty CloseButtonCommandProperty
CloseButtonContent CloseButtonContent CloseButtonContent CloseButtonContent

Gets or sets the content of the teaching tip's close button.

CloseButtonContentProperty CloseButtonContentProperty CloseButtonContentProperty CloseButtonContentProperty
CloseButtonStyle CloseButtonStyle CloseButtonStyle CloseButtonStyle

Gets or sets the Style to apply to the teaching tip's close button.

CloseButtonStyleProperty CloseButtonStyleProperty CloseButtonStyleProperty CloseButtonStyleProperty
HeroContent HeroContent HeroContent HeroContent

Border-to-border graphic content displayed in the header or footer of the teaching tip. Will appear opposite of the tail in targeted teaching tips unless otherwise set.

HeroContentPlacement HeroContentPlacement HeroContentPlacement HeroContentPlacement

Placement of the hero content within the teaching tip.

HeroContentPlacementProperty HeroContentPlacementProperty HeroContentPlacementProperty HeroContentPlacementProperty
HeroContentProperty HeroContentProperty HeroContentProperty HeroContentProperty
IconSource IconSource IconSource IconSource

Gets or sets the graphic content to appear alongside the title and subtitle.

IconSourceProperty IconSourceProperty IconSourceProperty IconSourceProperty
IsLightDismissEnabled IsLightDismissEnabled IsLightDismissEnabled IsLightDismissEnabled

Enables light-dismiss functionality so that a teaching tip will dismiss when a user scrolls or interacts with other elements of the application.

IsLightDismissEnabledProperty IsLightDismissEnabledProperty IsLightDismissEnabledProperty IsLightDismissEnabledProperty
IsOpen IsOpen IsOpen IsOpen

Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the teaching tip is open.

IsOpenProperty IsOpenProperty IsOpenProperty IsOpenProperty
PlacementMargin PlacementMargin PlacementMargin PlacementMargin

Adds a margin between a targeted teaching tip and its target or between a non-targeted teaching tip and the xaml root.

PlacementMarginProperty PlacementMarginProperty PlacementMarginProperty PlacementMarginProperty
PreferredPlacement PreferredPlacement PreferredPlacement PreferredPlacement

Preferred placement to be used for the teaching tip. If there is not enough space to show at the preferred placement, a new placement will be automatically chosen. Placement is relative to its target if Target is non-null or to the parent window of the teaching tip if Target is null.

PreferredPlacementProperty PreferredPlacementProperty PreferredPlacementProperty PreferredPlacementProperty
ShouldConstrainToRootBounds ShouldConstrainToRootBounds ShouldConstrainToRootBounds ShouldConstrainToRootBounds

Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the teaching tip will constrain to the bounds of its xaml root.

ShouldConstrainToRootBoundsProperty ShouldConstrainToRootBoundsProperty ShouldConstrainToRootBoundsProperty ShouldConstrainToRootBoundsProperty
Subtitle Subtitle Subtitle Subtitle

Gets or sets the subtitle of the teaching tip.

SubtitleProperty SubtitleProperty SubtitleProperty SubtitleProperty
TailVisibility TailVisibility TailVisibility TailVisibility

Toggles collapse of a teaching tip's tail. Can be used to override auto behavior to make a tail visible on a non-targeted teaching tip and hidden on a targeted teaching tip.

TailVisibilityProperty TailVisibilityProperty TailVisibilityProperty TailVisibilityProperty
Target Target Target Target

Sets the target for a teaching tip to position itself relative to and point at with its tail.

TargetProperty TargetProperty TargetProperty TargetProperty
TemplateSettings TemplateSettings TemplateSettings TemplateSettings

Provides calculated values that can be referenced as TemplatedParent sources when defining templates for a TeachingTip.

TemplateSettingsProperty TemplateSettingsProperty TemplateSettingsProperty TemplateSettingsProperty
Title Title Title Title

Gets or sets the title of the teaching tip.

TitleProperty TitleProperty TitleProperty TitleProperty


ActionButtonClick ActionButtonClick ActionButtonClick ActionButtonClick

Occurs after the action button is clicked.

CloseButtonClick CloseButtonClick CloseButtonClick CloseButtonClick

Occurs after the close button is clicked.

Closed Closed Closed Closed

Occurs after the tip is closed.

Closing Closing Closing Closing

Occurs just before the tip begins to close.

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