ChatMessage ChatMessage ChatMessage ChatMessage ChatMessage Class


Represents a chat message.

public : sealed class ChatMessage : IChatItem
struct winrt::Windows::ApplicationModel::Chat::ChatMessage : IChatItem
public sealed class ChatMessage : IChatItem
Public NotInheritable Class ChatMessage Implements IChatItem
var chatMessage = new chatMessage();

Windows 10 requirements

Device family
Windows 10 (introduced v10.0.10240.0 - for Xbox, see UWP features that aren't yet supported on Xbox)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v1)
chat smsSend chatSystem


Version history

Windows version SDK version Value added
1607 14393 SyncId


ChatMessage() ChatMessage() ChatMessage() ChatMessage() ChatMessage()

Creates a new instance of the ChatMessage class.


Attachments Attachments Attachments Attachments Attachments

Gets a list of chat message attachments.

Body Body Body Body Body

Gets or sets the body of the chat message.

EstimatedDownloadSize EstimatedDownloadSize EstimatedDownloadSize EstimatedDownloadSize EstimatedDownloadSize

Gets or sets the estimated size of a file to be sent or received.

From From From From From

Gets the identifier or address of the sender of the message.

Id Id Id Id Id

Gets the identifier of the message.

IsAutoReply IsAutoReply IsAutoReply IsAutoReply IsAutoReply

Gets or sets a Boolean value indicating if the message is an auto-reply.

IsForwardingDisabled IsForwardingDisabled IsForwardingDisabled IsForwardingDisabled IsForwardingDisabled

Gets a Boolean value indicating if forwarding is disabled.

IsIncoming IsIncoming IsIncoming IsIncoming IsIncoming

Gets Boolean a value indicating if the message is incoming or outgoing.

IsRead IsRead IsRead IsRead IsRead

Gets a Boolean value indicating if the message has been read.

IsReceivedDuringQuietHours IsReceivedDuringQuietHours IsReceivedDuringQuietHours IsReceivedDuringQuietHours IsReceivedDuringQuietHours

Gets or sets a Boolean value indicating if the message was received during user specified quiet hours.

IsReplyDisabled IsReplyDisabled IsReplyDisabled IsReplyDisabled IsReplyDisabled

Gets a Boolean value indicating if reply is disabled on the ChatMessage.

IsSeen IsSeen IsSeen IsSeen IsSeen

Gets or sets a Boolean value indicating if the message has been seen.

IsSimMessage IsSimMessage IsSimMessage IsSimMessage IsSimMessage

Gets a Boolean value indicating if the message is stored on a SIM card.

ItemKind ItemKind ItemKind ItemKind ItemKind

Gets the item kind.

LocalTimestamp LocalTimestamp LocalTimestamp LocalTimestamp LocalTimestamp

Gets the local timestamp of the message.

MessageKind MessageKind MessageKind MessageKind MessageKind

Gets or sets the type of the ChatMessage.

MessageOperatorKind MessageOperatorKind MessageOperatorKind MessageOperatorKind MessageOperatorKind

Gets or sets a value indicating the type of message operator, such as SMS, MMS, or RCS.

NetworkTimestamp NetworkTimestamp NetworkTimestamp NetworkTimestamp NetworkTimestamp

Gets the network timestamp of the message.

Recipients Recipients Recipients Recipients Recipients

Gets the list of recipients of the message.

RecipientsDeliveryInfos RecipientsDeliveryInfos RecipientsDeliveryInfos RecipientsDeliveryInfos RecipientsDeliveryInfos

Gets the delivery info for each of the recipients of the ChatMessage.

RecipientSendStatuses RecipientSendStatuses RecipientSendStatuses RecipientSendStatuses RecipientSendStatuses

Gets the list of send statuses for the message.

RemoteId RemoteId RemoteId RemoteId RemoteId

Gets or sets the remote ID for the ChatMessage.

ShouldSuppressNotification ShouldSuppressNotification ShouldSuppressNotification ShouldSuppressNotification ShouldSuppressNotification

Gets or sets a Boolean value indicating if notification of receiving the ChatMessage should be suppressed.

Status Status Status Status Status

Gets the status of the message. Typical states include draft, sent, received, deleted, etc.

Subject Subject Subject Subject Subject

Gets the subject of the message.

SyncId SyncId SyncId SyncId SyncId

The ID used to identify a message across devices. This ID is generated on creation for all messages. Clients that copy messages between devices also need to copy this ID in order to uniquely identify the same message on different devices

ThreadingInfo ThreadingInfo ThreadingInfo ThreadingInfo ThreadingInfo

Gets or sets the conversation threading info for the ChatMessage.

TransportFriendlyName TransportFriendlyName TransportFriendlyName TransportFriendlyName TransportFriendlyName

Gets the transport friendly name of the message.

TransportId TransportId TransportId TransportId TransportId

Gets or sets the transport ID of the message.