Windows.​Application​Model.​Payments.​Provider Windows.​Application​Model.​Payments.​Provider Windows.​Application​Model.​Payments.​Provider Namespace

This namespace provides API that allow your app to facilitate payment transactions submitted by users.


PaymentAppManager PaymentAppManager PaymentAppManager

This class is used to register an app as a payment provider app so that it can start processing PaymentTransactions that were submitted through the Payment Request APIs (Windows.ApplicationModel.Payments ).

PaymentTransaction PaymentTransaction PaymentTransaction

This class contains information about a payment transaction that was submitted through the Windows.ApplicationModel.Payments API. The payment provider app uses this class to accept that payment transaction or reject it after verifying the payment through the provider's infrastructure.

PaymentTransactionAcceptResult PaymentTransactionAcceptResult PaymentTransactionAcceptResult

This class contains the status of of a payment transaction after attempting to accept it.